Mobile officially becomes UK adults preferred method of accessing the web

Smartphones have officially narrowly defeated laptops and desktops in the battle for British hearts and minds, as 2017 saw them become the preferred method of accessing the internet.

The figures, from eMarketer’s latest time spent forecast, show that UK adults now spend an average of one hour and 59 minutes a day on their smartphones, beating that spent on desktops/laptops by one minute.

The marketing research company expects that number to keep growing; it is predicting that daily time spent on...

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Are ‘super leaders’ the new influencers brands need to be targeting?

First came influencers, which were followed by micro-influencers as the key to successfully marketing to millennials on social media.  But according to the Tetra Pak Index 2017 brands should be targeting ‘super leaders’.

The world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company is advising brands to ‘focus their engagement on a new generation of influencers if they are to thrive in a connected, information-saturated world’.

So, who qualifies as a super...

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5 top tips for social re-targeting

Social retargeting is a widely popular yet broadly misunderstood area of marketing. While it can be hugely effective if done right, getting it wrong can cost brands dearly. Common complaints from consumers include feeling ‘followed’ by recommendations, such as when ads are targeted at shoppers who’ve already purchased.

This can leave buyers frustrated, and marketers out of pocket, as their investments in retargeting fall on disinterested consumers.

So why should we bother with retargeting? It can be a...

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WhatsApp set to start charging businesses

It was perhaps inevitable that after shelling out a monumental $19 billion for it in 2014 that Facebook wouldn’t keep WhatsApp free for forever.

The company has revealed its plans to begin charging businesses to use some of the tools that are currently free. The charged service will be based on the on the business tools released this summer.

The new tools allow smaller businesses to send their customers updates and receive messages from them. The company has stated that it is working on an enterprise...

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9% of marketers will spend over £100,000 on influencers over the next 12 months

New research from micro-influencer platform Takumi reports that 9% of UK marketing professionals are planning to spend over £100,000 on influencers over the next 12 months.

The figures show the prevalence that trying to harness the power of influencers is likely to have over marketing strategies and budgets over the next year. 39% of those surveyed planned to spend up to £10,000 while 20% estimate their potential spend at between £10,000 and £100,000.

Significantly, only 4% reported...

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How to be an effective social media marketer in 2017

It can be an immense challenge breaking through the clacks and clangs of the noise constantly being generated on the web. Especially if you’re in the B2B space, the desire to be heard is almost greater since your company is relying on you to spread the word about an event or product release.

If you’ve ever worked on a marketing campaign, you know that the most important aspect of the efforts involved is to convert leads. Lead gen is by far the highest value any type of initiative can bring back to...

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What can brands learn from the #WalkersWave and Burger King “OK Google” campaigns?

You can’t go very far within the world of marketing and brands without hearing the latest buzzword – personalisation. Everything is about personalisation, and with advances in technology and the use of data, marketing is becoming increasingly personalised and social. Many brands are already making the most of this shift by creating innovative and engaging campaigns which allow consumers to interact with the content.

However, as last week’s National Lottery campaign for the World Athletics...

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The rise of emojis and the ever-changing state of our social caves

Social caving – a visual tale – I can see it now…

Some 45,000 years ago, groups of world citizens gathered together in a variety of caves. These caves were spread across the earth and included wonderful scenic locations now known as Eurasia, Europe, Indonesia, Africa, South America, and Australia.

The groupings included hunters, gatherers, and yes, communicators. These bloggers of their time did their communicating by using art—some crude, some fine, and most spread anywhere in...

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Research shows that ‘digital natives’ might not exist

Every digital marketer knows what a ‘digital native’ is, and has likely spent a considerable amount of time and mental energy thinking about how to engage with them.

The term refers to the generation of first adopters, those aged under 35. These people have grown up with smartphones and the internet, and therefore are far more tech-savvy then their older, analogue peers.

Much research has purported that digital natives have different priorities then previous generations and need different...

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‘Insta pods’ and the soul of influencer marketing

You may not have heard of ‘Insta pods’ if you don’t operate in the world of influencer marketing, but they are currently the topic of many a spirited debate in agencies across the world.  

An Insta pod is a group of no more than 30 Instagram influencers (as that is the maximum number that the social media giant allows in a group chat). These loyal group of insta-friends agree to follow each other, and to constantly like and follow every new bit of content that a fellow member posts.


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Fans and Followers aren’t enough: an interview with Charlotte Kennett of Lithium and Michel De Silva of Parrot

Everyone should be doing social. We all know that, it’s one of the guiding principles of digital marketing.

The problem is that although we all know that we need to do social, many brands don’t know much more than that. How do you go from getting a few likes here and there to using social media to create satisfied, passionate advocates of your brand?

For Charlotte Kennett, EMEA Marketing Manager at Lithium, the answer is seeing social media as one stage in the...

10 ways your influencer marketing strategy could fail

With YouGov estimating that 47% of online consumers in the 18-24 age demographic are now using ad blockers, influencer marketing can be seen as a silver bullet to circumvent the murky world of digital display ads.

According to a recent survey by Linqia, 94% of those who have used the strategy believe it to be effective, yet 43% of companies report being only in the experimental stages.

With so many brands apparently experimenting, we’re bound to see (and often enjoy) a few hiccups with their efforts....

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Google+ surprises everyone by coming out on top US consumer satisfaction survey

Google+ is not held in particularly high regard by most marketers. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking that the social media platform had disappeared off the radar in recent times.

While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all regularly feature in media discourse, Google+ seems to have been limping to a slow death since its underwhelming launch in 2011.

There are over 2 billion Google+ profiles because every person that has a Google account (from email for instance) is given one. However, the amount of these profiles...

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Is innovation stagnating in social media?

We are saturated with social media. According to statistics, 37% of the world is actively using social media.

Facebook has 2bn users, Instagram 700m and even Snapchat has 301m. Instinctively, this feels like impressive uptake for something just shy of its sixth birthday.

Or is it? After all, there are around 579 million people in North America, of which 71 million are Snapchat users, giving us an adoption figure of around 12% in that region.

With some...

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Fake followers and the influencer marketing ecosystem

In the world of influencer marketing, the number of followers or subscribers an individual has is a key metric.

For companies that look to connect influencers to brands, the number of people that an influencer can reach is an important part of the initial pitch. Even if there is no guarantee that a brand’s message will connect with said audience, having a lot of followers at least means that a certain amount of people is going to see it.

But what if a proportion of those followers are fake?

The issue bubbles up into...

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Facebook launches highly anticipated ads in Messenger

Facebook announced that they will soon be releasing Ads in Messenger at Wednesdays Open Book event, an educational series for Agency leadership and Social Media specialists.

Similar to how ads on Facebook and/or Instagram can opt-in to be extended to the Facebook Audience Network, this will now allow expansion to Messenger.

Messenger has over 2 billion messages per month being exchanged

As they typically do with their products, Facebook originally launched the Messenger app ad-free.

This allowed their...

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Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories: not a case of either/or

Having already established itself as the go-to platform for aspirational images and videos that satisfy the voyeur in us all, Instagram has officially mastered ephemeral content. It has now overtaken Snapchat in the daily user stakes by almost 100 million (250 million versus 166 million respectively).

So should brands jump ship and ditch Snapchat for Instagram Stories?

Not so fast. Snapchat and Instagram are different beasts and offer brands different opportunities. It’s not a case of either or,...

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What makes the perfect selfie?

In the world of social media influencers, a good selfie is worth its weight in gold. A well-executed selfie can be the difference between plain, old narcissism and a genius bit of self-promotion.

But what elevates a humble picture of your own face into a powerful engagement tool that gets people sharing, liking and commenting?

A research paper set to appear in the European Journal of Marketing claims to have distilled the essence of the perfect selfie into three...

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Qatar Airways scores a viral hit

Qatar Airways has managed to go viral with its latest social media campaign, which has been viewed by a massive 54 million people.

As usual with this kind of campaigns, it is unlikely to be just the advertising message that has contributed to the widespread visibility of the campaign. The secret to viral success remains hard to pin down.

The ‘No Borders, Only Horizons’ video has so far been watched 50 million times on the company’s Facebook page,...

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Should marketers be casting our net more broadly?

For the past several years, media would lead us to believe the big opportunity for building our brands is with the Millennial generation. Article after article shows an unending fascination with their lifestyle and media usage habits.

New agencies have sprung up proclaiming expertise in digital marketing. Many of them appear to be successful – at least in terms of making money. And this, after decades of not being able to crack ‘online advertising’.

is our fascination with this new world of...

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