Do US marketers know more acronyms than their UK counterparts?

According to Adform’s CMO, European marketers aren’t afraid of new online display ad technology – “just the wrapper it comes in”.

Following previous research from display marketing specialists Adform examining marketers’ knowledge of online advertising acronyms; it appears that the US is more clued up on the key terms than their UK counterparts.

Adform’s research, taken from a poll of 120 delegates at...

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Why Internet Explorer 10 could change digital marketing forever

Do Not Track is a technology and policy proposal that enables users to opt out, by default or otherwise, of tracking by websites they do not visit, including analytics services, advertising networks, and social platforms.

This is something that has caused quite some controversy in our industry, but what is the background to this story and how did it come about?

In 2007, several US consumer advocacy groups asked the Federal Trade Commission to create a Do Not Track...

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Global mobile ad impression report shows 'two horse race'

Apple and Samsung are locked in a two horse race to dominate the smartphone advertising market, with nine of the top ten devices in terms of mobile ad impressions attributed to the two manufacturers.

Adfonic, which serves over 100 billion global ad impressions a month, drew the data from its global ad network, and claims in its latest Global AdMetrics report that both firms increased their market share over Q3.

Apple and Samsung devices accounted for nine of the top ten by share of ad impressions, and the...

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Which browser has the best advertising CTR? [infographic]

A new piece of research from Chitika Insights has given a surprising verdict: Opera browser users click on the most ads, with Safari in second place.

The research, which covered “hundreds of millions of U.S and Canadian online ad impressions”, found that Opera on average had a click through rate (CTR) of 2.12%, with Safari Mobile (1.54%) and Internet Explorer (1.14%) comprising the top three. Chrome came last with 0.54% CTR – 0.51% for iOS.

Perhaps surprisingly, the CTR acronym was only recognised by 77%...

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3 ways publishers and advertisers can optimise display ad strategy

The online display industry is attracting some deserved attention, following figures from Forrester which predict that the marketing investment in this space will increase by 17 per cent year on year in the US until 2017 – closely followed by Europe.

Obviously, marketers want to maximise return on investment on their increased online display investment, while publishers need to maximise the new opportunities presented to them as a result. Against this backdrop, a win-win situation can be engineered for...

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Adform: Increased support for mobile in online advertising

Rich media and mobile the two key trends for online advertising

According to research from online marketing specialists Adform, mobile is the area most likely area to fuel investment into online display marketing campaigns in the next 12 months.

The responses came from digital marketers polled at the ad:tech conference in London, and the results showed the increasing part mobile has to play in marketing. Mobile topped the polls with 33% of respondents citing it, with social media (23%) and online video (8%)...

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Email marketing: Why do female senders perform better that males?

Not only do women have neater handwriting than their male colleagues, new research suggests that automated email campaigns perform significantly better when the sender is female, according to a study involving over 13 million email recipients.

The report, from CleverTouch marketing, showed that, on average, emails sent from women achieved an 18% click through, as opposed to just 10% where the sender was a man. Emails sent from a generic address achieved even better results, averaging over 23% click...

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Ryder Cup sky tweets: How Paddy Power ambushed #TeamUS at Medinah

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power posted the world's first ‘sky tweets’ in a guerrilla campaign designed to share messages of support to #TeamEurope golfers who were competing in the 2012 Ryder Cup at the Medina Country Club in Illinois.

The bookmaker hired 5 stunt planes to fly at 10,000ft above the course to tweet up to 60 specially selected messages - some in support of the European golfers, while others just taunting their American counterparts.

Some of the tweets, which were visible from more than...

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#AppsWorld preview: Why “spray and pray” banners just don’t cut it on mobile

As the mobile sphere continues to open up, the opportunities for marketers and advertisers to build brand awareness and emphasise their message opens up with it.

Marketing Tech spoke to Jason Armitage, senior consumer research analyst for digital media and applications at Yankee Group, and James Chandler, head of mobile at Mindshare ahead of their appearance at Apps World, to get an insight into how mobile can fit into an overall marketing blueprint.

A recurrent theme from both men...

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The key to boosting engagement: Mobile video

Smartphone penetration in the US recently passed the 50% mark and it’s a similar story in Europe. There are now nearly 110 million smartphone owners in the US alone, according to comScore.

The tablet market is also growing fast and mobile devices are claiming an ever greater share of overall web traffic.

The average amount of content people consume on their smartphone or tablet every day is rising steadily. Wi-Fi...

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Naked Prince Harry in Vegas: An opportunity seized by some brands

One of the things that many marketers and advertisers often lack is spontaneity, and miss the ability to react to current news and activity. Many brand teams get stuck into scheduling and longer term planning.

It is something that has to change as consumers live in a world of immediacy, and expect their brands to as well. Things that happen to consumers are immediately reported, discussed and passed around on social...

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Analysing the growing importance of M-commerce

Spending on Internet advertising continues to grow faster than all other forms of advertising. According to Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report, advertisers spent 12.1% more on Internet advertising than they did 12 months ago.

Overall global spending on advertising was £81.8 billion in Q1 2012, up 3.1% on the same period last year. Interestingly, the biggest increase came from Internet advertising,...

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Why is using Olympic stars in ads risky? #London2012

A series of ads using successful and popular Olympic Athletes shows the the risks of using a great Athlete in your ads. And the importance of great casting to make an idea work. Or writing an ad to meet the limitations and strengths of that individual is of paramount importance.Dame Kelly Holmes, won 2 Gold medals at the Sydney Olympics for the UK and became a bit of a hero. She holds a soft spot in the heart of the UK population.So using her to endorse the importance of eating breakfast (a social message to say everyone performs better...

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Opera: Rich media and iOS most lucrative for mobile advertising

Rich media mobile advertising has seen a rapid increase in popularity among marketers over the last six months, according to a new industry report from Opera Software.

Opera, probably most well known for its virtually ubiquitous mobile browsing services, had made a quiet splash in the mobile advertising space after paying out around $100m on a series of acquisitions like Mobile Theory, AdMarvela and 4th Screen Adverising.

The firm now claims to have dished out over $240m to mobile publishers, serving over 35bn ad...

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How marketing can prosper in the 'Do Not Track' world

Microsoft’s recent announcement that ‘DO NOT TRACK’ would become the default setting in IE10 has been met with predictable dismay by most corners of the digital marketing industry. Understandable, given that cookie-based tracking mechanisms have, in the last five years, become the norm for marketers, publishers, and the technology providers that supply them.

The digital marketing process has become unsubtle and downright creepy in some cases, and it’s no wonder that we are seeing a...

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