Evian baby ad crowned most popular YouTube advert of 2013

Evian’s “baby & me” advert has been named the most popular advert of 2013 according to YouTube, beating off competition from Dove and Internet Explorer.

The advert for the bottled water brand, which clocked over 67 million views, featured its trademark babies with adults catching sight of their baby selves in a mirror and dancing to a track called ‘Here Comes The Hotstepper’ by Yuksek, remixed especially for the ad.

The Evian ad was so popular it even made the top five trending videos...

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The 3 Cs which can stop a tech takeover in adland

There’s a revolution going on in adland and unsurprisingly it’s being driven by the tech giants.

Earlier this year, Starcom MediaVest Group and Twitter announced a huge advertising deal, representing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the social media network, over multiple of years.

Most recently, Google also declared a pact with MediaVest – whose clients include Coca-Cola, Walmart and Honda – to spend tens of millions of dollars of advertising on YouTube, the Google...

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How to maximize your Pay Per Click ROI


Considered as one of the tactful marketing methods on the web, several companies are utilizing Pay Per Click to get better visitors and conversions. It is a cost effective orientation because you only disburse when someone clicks on your ads. Really, PPC campaigns will substantiate...

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Captify: Is search retargeting the future of advertising as we know it?

It’s official: for publishers and brands, traditional banner ad campaigns simply don’t cut it anymore. With acceptable CTR figures continuing to slide, and users becoming increasingly immune to online advertising, something had to give.

UK-based startup Captify is one of those companies looking to change things round.

While the importance of real time bidding (RTB) models increases, Captify takes it one step further by being one...

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More than one in three brands have “no idea” where their ads appear

The latest research, this time from Project Sunblock, has revealed that more than a third of brands are unaware about where their advertising content is appearing.

Overall, around 7.78 billion display advertising impressions are put alongside the more nefarious areas of the web, from phishing and malware to violence, pornography and illegal drugs.

The figures conclude that approximately £2.4bn is spent on advertising that “could end up anywhere”, with almost two thirds (62%) of marketers...

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One in four marketers hasn’t executed a cross-screen advertising campaign

Here’s an interesting survey result, this time courtesy of digital advertising provider Undertone: one in four marketers has not yet launched a cross-screen advertising campaign.

This isn’t to say they’ve not considered it. 84% of marketers surveyed and 92% of agencies said they were considering deploying a campaign – and none of the respondents said they were looking at decreasing their budget for it. Key benefits of cross-screen, according to those surveyed, are raising brand...

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Breaking open the black box: Mobile advertising and the hunger for data

Gareth Davies, CEO of Adbrain, explains that when it comes to data, there’s no such thing as ‘too rich’

The mobile advertising space is hot right now. Latest reports from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) put digital ad spend in the UK at a record six-month high of £3 billion, with mobile advertising accounting for 14% of the total.

However, the amount of cash flowing into mobile advertising at the moment is more a reflection of the industry’s potential than what...

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Forrester open letter claims Facebook is “failing marketers”

Updated Oct 30: “Mr Zuckerberg, Facebook is failing marketers.” So begins a scathing open letter from Forrester Research vice president and principal analyst Nate Elliot, attacking the social network for not giving companies better return on their advertising investment.

The letter, published on the official Forrester blog, details a series of reasons as to why the Palo Alto company is letting marketers down.


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Video marketing from the heart: From Google to Guinness

Video marketing is really getting something right when it inspires and moves us. Today, Claire, our Production Manager, gets emotional and shares two such video ads she loves.

Both adverts are promoting very different products - Google Maps and Guinness - but they share fundamental elements that we'd recommend for video marketing campaigns - using authenticity, emotions and storytelling to inspire. 

Google Maps Video Ad - Saroo Brierley: Homeward Bound

This video ad for Google Maps tells the remarkable...

BlackBerry publishes open letter saying “you can count on us”

Ailing BlackBerry has published an open letter to customers advocating that they can still “continue to count” on the Canadian manufacturer.

The letter, which appears on 30 newspapers in nine countries, tries to allay fears about the company’s short term future and states that BlackBerry has “substantial cash on hand” and a “balance sheet that is debt free”.

The recent stories about BlackBerry have been less than encouraging. The news that the company was to be acquired by Fairfax...

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Study reveals how eating popcorn nullifies effect of cinema advertising

A new research paper from Cologne University has revealed that cinemagoers who ate popcorn were less likely to feel the effects of advertising than their comrades.

This isn’t to say, however, that advertisers would much prefer movie lovers to eat crisps, chocolate or ice-cream.

The theory, according to the researchers, was that the brain’s “inner speech” – the subconscious act of pronouncing a new name – is disrupted by chewing.

The cinemagoers in the test were divided into...

Chrysler announces Ron Burgundy as spokesman for latest ad campaign

Fictional news anchor Ron Burgundy has been unveiled as the new star of Chrysler’s latest advertising campaign, promoting the American car manufacturer’s Dodge Durango range.

The series of adverts were released earlier this week on the official Dodge YouTube channel.

Burgundy, played of course by Will Ferrell, lends his talent to the campaign after a contra deal between Paramount Pictures and Chrysler, with each advert containing a promotion for the new Anchorman film, “Anchorman 2: The...

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Mobile advertising attitudes: The West vs The Rest

Smartphones and mobile devices have become so pervasive in our daily lives that it’s hard to remember a time without them. As a generation, we have become spoilt for choice when it comes to technology and gadgets. From iPhones to tablets, to Google Glass and the Galaxy Gear smartphone – each device represents a potentially new marketing platform.

But the array of devices we own and use in the West has also meant we have been subject to a massive volume of advertising messages from brands hoping to...

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Push notifications – the good, the bad and the ugly

“A young life snuffed out at the hands of an unfit owner. You’ll pay for this on judgement day.”

So the My Pet app abruptly tells its users if they sufficiently neglect their animal friends, having given warnings such as “You are so horrible...you are the worst owner I’ve ever had.”

The concept isn’t a new one, going back to the days of Tamagotchis. But that’s not the problem.

It’s easy to put two and two together to work out the age of the average My Pet...

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Pinterest starts testing ads: Is no social platform safe?

Social network Pinterest has launched an advertising platform, in a tentative attempt to monetise the site’s 46 million users.

It’s a familiar story; as each nascent social site gets market share and a strong user base, the ad network isn’t too far away. Pinterest’s proposed model will follow in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter – in other words, no banner advertising.

According to CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann, writing

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YouTube to introduce offline video consumption

YouTube has announced a move to bring offline video watching capability to its mobile apps.

Perhaps unfairly buried amidst the iOS 7 release launch, the news will come as a boon to those whose mobile YouTube experience has ever been interrupted by a lost connection.

In an announcement posted on the YouTube Creators blog, the team looked at it from the perspective of getting more viewers to content.

“Your fans’...

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IBM launches Digital Marketing Network, aims to improve CMO performance

IBM has launched the Digital Marketing Network, a piece of software in the cloud which aims to improve CMO performance and give them real-time access to company data.

With a recent survey from the tech giant indicating that $83bn of sales globally slips through each year because of poor customer experience, this new offering, part of IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative, will help to shore up some of these gaps.

Among the services offered include syndicated real-time analytics to the likes of Google...

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