The advertising revolution will not only be televised - it'll be on mobile too

There’s never been a more difficult time for brands to try and communicate with their audience.

Indeed, it’s easy to forget that, as recently as twenty years ago, the world of advertising was a very different place. Options for advertisers were once restricted to running expensive ad placements in newspapers or magazines, broadcast media like the TV or radio, or outdoor billboards, in hopes of reaching a mostly captive audience.

By comparison, today’s audiences engage with so many different...

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Microsoft pens deal with Entertainment One UK for film promotion

Microsoft Advertising has announced a year-long strategic partnership with Entertainment One UK (eOne UK) to deliver new film launches across the Microsoft platform ecosystem.

The films will be promoted by eOne UK on MSN, Skype, Windows 8 and Xbox, with Microsoft Advertising’s in-house team creating content-led ads which fit in to the ecosystem. For their part, eOne UK will use Microsoft data to identify specific verticals to target ads for certain films.

Films included in the partnership include The...

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The true cost of music for creatives

Electro-rock artist Whitey caused a stir last year on social media, when he slammed a TV company for its refusal to pay artists for the use of their music. Whitey shared an email from the producers stating the simple reason of there ‘being no budget for music,’ gaining himself thousands of likes and retweets. 

Despite it only just coming to the attention of the media, the issue of creatives wanting to use music from new artists without synchronisation fees is not a new one.

The questions must...

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App Annie report reveals freemium rules for app revenue

Freemium is the fastest growing business model for mobile app revenue, according to the latest industry report.

The report from analytics provider App Annie in conjunction with IDC showed that in key countries – Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the UK and the US – freemium revenues went up by 211% between 2012 and 2013. In app advertising money also went up, but not as quickly – 56%.

Paid revenue, by contrast, went down by 29% from 2012 to 2013, while...

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Pinterest expects to roll out paid ads in near future

Pinterest is going ahead with its paid advertising strategy in Q2 of this year, according to various reports.

MarketingTech reported the move by Pinterest to roll out paid ads back in September, with CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann saying at the time the company should be “a service that will be here to stay.”

Pinterest updated its blog post on October 9 to say it was “starting to test promoting pins”, and now these promoted pins...

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Socialbakers CEO claims there is a “witch hunt” against Facebook

The CEO of social analysis tool provider Socialbakers, Jan Rezab, has claimed that people are trying to create a “witch hunt” against Facebook amidst a research note from Forrester exec Nate Elliott claiming that Facebook was continuing to fail marketers.

In a blog post on his personal site, Rezab derided Facebook bashing as “cool and trendy” and “click bait”, adding the general consensus of Facebook’s marketing – lack of organic reach, lots of fake fans –...

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Mobile devices will make up half of paid search clicks by 2015

The latest research report, this time from Marin Software, has uncovered a fascinating statistic: mobile devices will account for half of all paid search clicks by December 2015 if the current growth rate is maintained.

It’s certainly a prevalent trend. The research, which asked the opinions of brands and advertisers managing over $6bn in annual online spend, also found that the rate of cost per click (CPC) was faster on mobile than on desktop – with tablet CPC moving ahead of desktop CPC in some...

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New Dulux ad campaign imagines a world without colour

This is a novel twist on an established brand: the latest advert from paint shop Dulux takes a sideways glance at prohibition and imagines a world without colour.

If the advert’s plot of a love story is the epitome of predictability, the cinematic production, from London-based agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, practically shimmers.

The advert features a hashtag, #changeyourstory, with the official @duluxuk page taking an active response to those who have taken an interest:

We’re glad you enjoyed our ad

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Cat craziness proves direct mail campaigns aren’t dead yet

Put this down as MarketingTech’s favourite campaign of the year so far.

For a company which sells cat litter in bulk, your audience are cat owners, right?  

Yet Toronto-based Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse went one step further – and directly targeted cats with their latest direct mail campaign.

How? By spraying catnip over the mail.

The campaign was put together by Vancouver agency Rethink Canada with 13 cats used as test cases – Mona, Bella, Ommie, Jojo, Paul, Linus, Malo, Taika, Riley,...

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How mobile advertising is mirroring human behaviour

Fifty years ago, we all imagined that by the time we got to the year 2014, we’d all be living in a world run by robots. We imaged that by now, we would be living in a world similar to that of the Jetsons, where flying cars are the norm, communication is instantaneous and a robot greets you when you return from work.

Although we haven’t quite achieved the flying car or the robot maid just yet, we shouldn’t underestimate the strides we have made. After all, when you think about it, what is a...

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Adbrain launches beta platform after seed funding round

Real-time advertising platform Adbrain has launched a private beta platform for its programmatic ad buying solution, nine months after nailing $1.5m in seed funding.

The platform, which enables programmatic mobile audience buying, has garnered support from ad companies M&C Saatchi Mobile, Fetch and Somo, as well as agencies Annalect and The Exchange Lab.

Adbrain claims its solution is unique because it enables buyers to layer first, second and third party data for “hyper-efficient real-time mobile...

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Doing Lay’s a flavour: Frito-Lay benefits from crowdsourcing

As of January, Lay’s is reviving its Do Us A Flavor promotion in which they ask consumers to cook up original chip flavor ideas. This go-round, in addition to submitting a new flavor, participants have the option to put it on Original, Wavy, or Kettle Cooked Lay’s.

The grand prize for submitting the winning flavor is a million dollars or 1% of the chip’s yearly net sales, whichever is higher. Last year’s winner was a Wisconsin mom,...

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Startup replaces advertising space with doge in Guardian

Regular readers of The Guardian may have been surprised to spot a doge meme on page 27 of today’s edition instead of a conventional advert.

Now it’s been revealed that UK startup DueDil had placed the doge there – because it couldn’t think of a better way to spend the £50,000 prize won in a Guardian Small Business Network competition.

Formed in 2011, DueDil is a startup which claims to be the largest source of private company information in the UK and Ireland.

The company wrote...

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The best Super Bowl 2014 ad that you haven't seen

The Internet is abuzz about how the much-anticipated and very expensive Ad Bowl fared in Sunday’s big game. Good thing: the game itself was such a blowout it was not one for the ages, so at least we had Bruno Mars and the ads to look forward to. Otherwise, that’s a lot of bean dip and chips that would have gone to waste.

I was underwhelmed by most of the ads this year. They were either retreads of creative ideas that were successful in years past (

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Five minute guide to a bulk SMS campaign

There is a huge market for businesses using SMS messaging as part of their marketing campaigns. There are several benefits to incorporating it into the current marketing schedule and a bulk SMS campaign can give you positive results whilst being easy to implement.

How do these campaigns work and what benefits will they bring to your business?

Know your market

One of the first things you need to know is the market that you are trying to reach. You should establish this before you even start thinking about what...

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Toyota all set to go with voice-activated mobile ads in US

Toyota is launching a series of mobile adverts in the US which will allow users to have two-way conversations with the adverts.

The campaign was put together by mobile ad and data platform provider Millennial Media, with the finished advert running on tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android.

In the advert, users are taken on a journey of the Toyota Corolla’s in-vehicle telematics system, Entune, going through three different apps on the Entune system – iHeartradio, Weather and ‘Text...

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Twitter Ads and Amplify – How these tools can help your business

This month saw an announcement from social media giant Twitter that got everyone talking: their ad platform is now open to all U.S. based users, including large and small businesses, online marketing specialists, the self-employed, and more. This exciting news was announced by Kevin Well (Twitter’s Senior Director for revenue) during a conference in New York at the end of April. Before this, the ad platform was more exclusive (by invitation only, in fact), and required a minimum spend level per...

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Bottoms up? Belhaven Breweries and Hobgoblin look to alter their brands

Updated 1653 GMT: It’s a case of ‘new year, new brand’ for two British breweries.

Scotland-based Belhaven Breweries has launched a rebrand, whilst Wychwood Breweries’ most popular ale, Hobgoblin, has put together a Twitter/Google Maps mash up to track the beer drinkers with the most air miles.

The Scottish brewery, which has been in business since 1719, has enlisted Ziggurat Brands to transform itself for 2014 – in particular the huge drive in craft beer interest.

“The rise of...

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What are the key trends for video advertising in 2014?

MarketingTech has examined the benefits, challenges and opportunities within video advertising and marketing in 2013 – but what does the future hold?

Christmas, of course, brings out all the big names in video marketing, with John Lewis’ ‘The Bear and The Hare’ Christmas ad ranking second in the UK’s best adverts of the year according to YouTube – even though it only launched in...

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