The secret to pulling off “doing more with less”

We hear it again and again: “Do more with less.” But what’s the secret to pulling it off?  

While “do more with less” has become a marketing mantra, as the VP of Product Marketing at Siteimprove, the platform that enables companies to optimise their marketing and websites, my focus is slightly unconventional: I want marketers to commit to martech as the tool to make good on the mantra. When I present the topic at Digital World Marketing Forum, I’ll discuss how Siteimprove helps marketers to zero in on the right data, save time, and boost conversions.

It’s that simple.

My presentation will be framed by with an all-too-relatable quote from journalist and co-founder of Contently, Shane Snow: “Working smart is harder than working hard. It’s just less visible, and we care too much about what others see.”

This quote resonates with me because it reflects on the familiar territory of scrutiny that we, as marketers, navigate. However, the easiest way for us to steer the narrative is by focusing on outcomes over outputs: showcasing data, moving beyond vanity metrics, and demonstrating how our teams add value to the business. This approach reduces room for criticism and fosters more constructive, productive dialogue.

What sort of dialogue can we at Siteimprove help you and your team cultivate? Visit us at Booth #210. You’ll learn about our platform’s transformative, integrated approach to accessibility, QA, SEO, campaign optimisation, and yes, smarter collaboration. Then, be sure to attend my Digital Transformation and Leadership track speaking session on June 25, at 10 am. Not yet signed up to attend the Digital Marketing World Forum in London? Be sure to use code SITEIMPROVE30 when you register using this link, and save 30% off a Pass.

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