Building the backbone of your brand

Just as a strong building foundation allows architects to create incredible, long-lasting monuments of engineering, a robust brand foundation is vital to developing and maintaining your corporate design.

Having a brand-building platform from which you can quickly and efficiently access all elements and assets of your brand and use them effectively makes brand governance much easier. It also keeps your corporate design consistent as it grows.

So, what’s the secret to a strong brand-building platform?

  • Creativity under constraint: Embrace limitations imposed by regulations or industry norms. Develop a brand portal that facilitates brand fidelity despite restrictions.
  • Brand power to the people: Empower stakeholders to embody the brand. A centralised brand hub fosters deeper brand understanding and cultural integration. Customise tools for localised teams, and educate teams openly about the brand to drive its vision effectively.
  • Strategise, then realize: Flexibility is vital in executing brand strategy. Equip creative teams with the necessary tools for implementation. Prioritise a streamlined workflow for feedback and adjustments to align execution with the brand vision.
  • Shared success: Communication is crucial for maintaining brand integrity, especially across globally dispersed subteams catering to local needs. Prioritise collaboration in your brand-building platform.
  • Build for balance: Strike a balance between consistency and creativity. While a core brand identity is essential, ensure you allow room for innovation in your marketing efforts. A robust brand-building platform facilitates cohesion while encouraging creative exploration.
  • A rule for each tool: Traditional methods like shared PDFs hinder brand upkeep. Invest in a comprehensive suite of brand-building tools.

To learn more, join the panel Building the backbone of your brand at the DMWF on June 26 at 10 AM, and drop by the Frontify booth no. 180!

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