Driving Connected Human-centric Digital Experiences in an Era of AI with Sitefinity

Humans and technology have a love story old as time. Maybe it stems from a spirit of exploration and discovery or perhaps just out of the desire to be more efficient and productive. Whatever the reason, as a human race, the desire to be creative – to invent and innovate – is part of our DNA. And for marketers, the modern-day explorers who are driving creativity, the connection to the creation of engaging digital experiences is undeniable.

In this decade alone, we have had two inflection points that have spurred advancements in the digital experience space – the pandemic and the democratization of AI as a result of the rise in popularity of ChatGPT.

The first – the pandemic – accelerated humans’ reliance on technology. Overnight, apps of convenience became apps of necessity and we have not turned back. Since then, our users’ expectations have only become more sophisticated. They want connected experiences across all channels (websites, apps, wearables, chat, email) and they want them to be intuitive, accessible and inclusive. As marketers, this requires a tighter alignment with our development and IT departments so that the many digital touchpoints in a user’s journey align.

The second – the democratization of AI – has changed the way our customers and users engage with us and how we can serve them. It is safe to say we are only at the beginning of understanding what is capable. Today, generative AI in our digital experience enables us to augment our human interactions by leveraging chatbots for initial engagement points. It allows faster time-to-market by creating landing pages for on-demand campaigns without any reliance on IT. It allows for personalization with precision. Ironically AI, which is devoid of human emotion, is one of the strongest tools we have to create more connected human-centric experiences.

At Progress, we pride ourselves on building technology that enables organizations to develop and deploy their mission-critical applications and human-centric experiences using the latest technology advancements. Our digital experience platform and modern CMS, Progress Sitefinity, empowers marketers to create connected experiences. A low-code/no-code solution for marketers, Sitefinity allows users to create, deliver and personalize content and experiences across multiple digital channels, powered by future-proof technology, rich integrations, modern multi-experience tools, outstanding ease of use and enterprise security.

With Progress Sitefinity, you get the tools and capabilities you need to develop human-centric experiences. You can create impactful touchpoints with personalized content across devices and geographies. You can centrally manage multilingual and multichannel content to support market expansion and brand consistency with the most user-friendly system, featuring an intuitive interface with contextual guidance. Additionally, collecting customer insights and leveraging advanced analytics and optimization features to improve marketing programs and address specific customer needs is easy with Sitefinity Insight.

In the latest release of Progress Sitefinity, we introduced AI-powered conversion propensity scoring, AI-powered content classification for faster content editing and improved customer data modeling, enabling higher ROI and productivity. Marketers now also have access to out-of-the-box generative AI features based on Azure OpenAI that allow content editors to generate, improve, optimize and personalize text at the click of a button.

If you’d like to learn more about Sitefinity and how it can help you to build a modern human-centric experience to engage with your customers, visit us at the Progress booth at DMWF in London or visit https://www.progress.com/sitefinity-cms.

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