Elevating Digital Marketing Innovation with Cape at DMWF London 2024

Today’s fast-paced market asks for an insane amount of content with dozens of local interpretations, like market specific offers, deals, translations, and city- or even street names. Manually creating that content, while staying on-brand, can feel like an impossible job.

Get ready to automate your digital marketing campaigns at superhero speed with Cape! Create assets, scale creative versioning, and publish truly audience-centric campaigns to your desired channels in no time. Our platform can be tailored to fit your specific needs and use case, whether it’s dynamic advertising, content localisation, or automated publishing. Eliminate repetitive tasks, optimise your ad spend and streamline complex workflows.

As a true innovation partner, we deliver groundbreaking tech solutions to brands, advertisers, and agencies across the globe. Industry leaders like Decathlon, Just Eat Takeaway, KLM and Philips use our A-Z environment to unlock their full potential.

Philips, for example, has achieved significant milestones with Cape and is now able to effortlessly create, scale and deliver all-round campaigns across all their markets. They reduced their end-to-end process from 28 to just 8 working days, and additional assets are now completed in 2-3 days compared to the previous 15 days. Philips estimated to have already saved millions of euros with the use of Cape! Curious on how we exactly achieved this for Philips?

Join us for an engaging session on the AI Marketing & Automation stage at 3:00 p.m. on June 26! Learn from Edwin Driehuijs, Product Owner at Philips, and Michiel Blonk, CEO of Cape, as they share insights on how creative and campaign automation optimised Philips’ processes.

Cape’s presence at DMWF isn’t just about showcasing solutions, it’s about empowering you with valuable insights to enhance your digital marketing. Drop by our booth 108 for a cup of coffee, a catch-up, and a chance to explore the endless possibilities Cape has to offer!

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