AnalyticsIQ launches predictive solution to unlock consumer marketing preferences

AnalyticsIQ launches predictive solution to unlock consumer marketing preferences Duncan is an award-winning researcher, with 20 years experience of analysing the technology industry, specialising in cloud computing, edge computing, blockchain, cybersecurity and marketing technology.

AnalyticsIQ, a provider of predictive people-based data, is excited to announce its latest innovation in marketing data and analytics: ChannelIQ.

This expansion and new addition to AnalyticsIQ’s comprehensive suite of predictive data solutions provides reliable and actionable insight into consumer marketing channel preferences, giving brands and marketers the ability to optimise their messaging, targeting, and overall campaign performance.

ChannelIQ is an innovative and powerful suite of data covering an array of modern consumer channel behaviors – from social media activity to TV consumption to podcast habits and more, as well as various aspects of each such as responsiveness by channel, activity level, amount of influence, content preferences, and more. Created leveraging AnalyticsIQ’s proprietary research-based approach to data creation that blends cognitive psychology and data science, ChannelIQ unlocks unparalleled insight into where target audiences spend their time and what grabs their attention. With detailed analysis on content consumption patterns, advertising responsiveness, and optimal engagement times, ChannelIQ empowers marketers to craft laser-focused strategies that resonate deeply with their audience.

Clients across industries are able to access key benefits unlocked by ChannelIQ data and insight including:

● Enhanced Targeting: Leveraging insights from ChannelIQ, marketers can design highly targeted marketing strategies by understanding where their target audience spends most of their time. This ensures marketing efforts are not wasted on channels with low engagement from their ideal customers.
● Better Media Planning: Marketers can significantly enhance their media planning using ChannelIQ data with better strategic channel selection, tailored content creation, timing and frequency adjustments, and more.
● Improved Customer Segmentation: The detailed understanding into channel activity and consumption habits provided by ChannelIQ allows for more nuanced customer segmentation that goes beyond traditional demographic information. This empowers marketers to personalise at scale, improve engagement, and boost conversion rates.
● Marketing Spend Optimisation: By identifying which channels are likely to perform best, marketers can optimise their media budgets to focus on high-performing strategies. This means reallocating resources from underperforming channels to those that offer better ROI.

“The AnalyticsIQ team is excited to announce the official release of ChannelIQ which gives marketers the unique ability to understand consumer activity as it relates to specific marketing channels,” said Scarlett Shipp, CEO of AnalyticsIQ. “By providing deep insight into this crucial aspect of consumer behavior and targeted advertising, ChannelIQ enables the creation of more efficient, effective, and personalised strategies and can ultimately play an instrumental part in improving campaign ROI.”

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