Amperity redefines composability with the world’s first lakehouse CDP

Amperity redefines composability with the world’s first lakehouse CDP Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Amperity, an AI-powered enterprise customer data platform (CDP) for consumer brands, has unveiled a new composable approach for customer data management: the Lakehouse CDP.

Now, brands can seamlessly share live data sets between a CDP and a lakehouse without maintaining ETLs or copying data. IT teams can optimise how data is stored and processed with any platform that uses lakehouses’ open table formats to save time and lower costs. This composable and more secure flow of data ensures brands can fuel the data-intensive demands of Generative AI and 1:1 personalisation with high-quality data.

Amperity’s Lakehouse CDP addresses two critical concerns that composable CDPs often overlook: data quality and governance.

Other composable solutions fall short because they are built as ‘reverse ETL’ tools that activate data from a big data environment. Unfortunately, lakehouse data still needs to be cleaned, unified and aggregated into insights for business users. The CDP components available today lack an AI-driven approach to resolving identities and governing the data operations of constantly changing profiles. Reverse ETLs also require complex query logic to access lakehouse data, resulting in hidden compute costs and ongoing integration work.

With the Lakehouse CDP, Amperity breaks down silos between SaaS tools and teams to fuel AI and engagement with better data.

Since Amperity’s capabilities are composable, brands can plug it directly into a data lakehouse and use any combination of its offerings to optimise customer data operations. Data teams can improve data quality across Amperity and a lakehouse with identity resolution through AmpID, generative AI with AmpAi, and pre-built data assets with Amp360. Business users can use AmpIQ to securely activate lakehouse data, enabling deep personalisation. All components come with data validations and checks to govern end-to-end data workflows across platforms.

“We use Databricks for its unparalleled data tools and ability to seamlessly share data with Amperity,” said Tom Barber, head of data at Virgin Atlantic. “This powerful combination allows us to quickly unify and enrich vast amounts of customer data. By democratising data access, we empower our non-technical users to easily make data-driven decisions. Amperity has enabled us to maximise the value of our data, enabling us to focus on delivering exceptional travel experiences.”

Introducing Amperity Bridge

To enable the Lakehouse CDP’s core benefits, Amperity is adding a key new feature: Bridge. Amperity Bridge allows users to point and share data to and from a lakehouse rather than using the slower, less secure method of reverse ETL. It uses each lakehouse’s open, industry-standard data formats so that data is available across the tech stack through a shared catalog. This provides the benefits of zero-copy for greater control and compliance without unnecessary network calls and processing. Amperity Bridge is currently available for Databricks and Snowflake.

“In today’s data-driven landscape, brands are struggling to unlock the true potential of their customer data due to the siloed nature of traditional data management tools,” said Barry Padgett, CEO of Amperity (pictured). “Amperity’s Lakehouse CDP rides the wave of open data sharing, enabling brands to build cross-platform data workflows. Our goal is to ensure high-quality customer data is available across all platforms that use lakehouse architecture without replication. With Amperity, businesses can meet the data demands of Generative AI and personalisation at scale with unparalleled data governance.”

Why Brands Win with a Lakehouse Approach

Amperity’s Lakehouse CDP accelerates time-to-value by enriching data in a lakehouse. With Amperity, brands can:

  • Automate First-Party Identity Resolution. Easily maintain high data quality in your lakehouse. Unify raw customer data and produce a stable, universal identifier with AI-powered ID resolution.
  • Build Data Assets Quickly. Quickly shape data for activation. Leverage pre-built industry and use case data assets that can be easily shared with and enriched in a lakehouse.
  • Sync Enriched Data to Any Tool. Easily access and activate high-quality data from a lakehouse with Amperity’s marketer-friendly tool that’s more secure than reverse ETL.
  • Keep Data Secure and Flowing. Improve data governance by securely sharing data without replication, tracking every transformation and automating consent management workflows.

“The future of customer data management lies in enriching and activating data from a shared lakehouse catalog. This approach enables businesses to securely manage customer data in their preferred platforms and tools without the need for costly and time-consuming data migrations,” said Gerry Murray, research director at IDC. “The result accelerates and expands the use case roadmap, enhances data-driven decision-making and improves downstream application optimisation.”

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