Sonobi and Experian team up for enhanced targeting

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Sonobi and Experian team up for enhanced targeting Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Sonobi, an independent, consumer-focused technology company providing a fair and equitable media marketplace, is collaborating with global information services company Experian.

By partnering with Experian, Sonobi believes it has increased programmatic addressability across the mobile web landscape, growing its reach by 25% while providing a substantial 20% increase in delivered impression value, aiding our ability to connect impactful campaigns to their desired audiences while maximising value for our publishers.

With the looming deadline of Google’s cookie deprecation, advertisers must prepare for a new era in digital advertising, and increased addressability solutions will be essential. Experian’s Identity Graph leads the industry by providing addressable solutions that adapt to the future of digital identity, with over 2.75 billion IDs and an average of more than 22 digital IDs per household. 

Justin Kennedy, COO of Sonobi, said: “Collaborating with Experian and integrating their Identity Graph is crucial progress towards a post-cookie era, where targeted and effective advertising can thrive while protecting user privacy. This collaboration enhances our programmatic addressability and demonstrates our commitment to delivering better, more respectful advertising experiences; By leveraging Experian’s innovative technology, we are proud to contribute to a fair and equitable media marketplace that benefits both our clients and the industry as a whole.”

The integration between Experian and Sonobi marks a new era in digital advertising, one where the potential for effective and privacy-compliant solutions is greater than ever. Advertisers can maintain targeted and relevant campaigns by eliminating the need for third-party cookies while enhancing the user experience and adhering to evolving privacy standards. This collaboration represents a significant step towards a more ethical and efficient advertising landscape.

Chris Feo, SVP of global sales of Experian, said: “It is thrilling to witness the achievements of Sonobi as they push the boundaries with innovative solutions leveraging our Identity Graph. This success serves as a testament to the power of strategic collaborations in catering to advertisers’ needs in a post-cookie era, all while prioritising user privacy. We take great pride in supporting Sonobi’s advancements to strengthen the open internet and programmatic advertising landscape.”

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