AI-powered ad platform OSSA launches in the UK to support small business growth

AI-powered ad platform OSSA launches in the UK to support small business growth Duncan is an award-winning researcher, with 20 years experience of analysing the technology industry, specialising in cloud computing, edge computing, blockchain, cybersecurity and marketing technology.

The UK’s newest self-service digital advertising solution for SMBs, OSSA, has launched, with its sights set on unlocking small business growth in the UK through its AI-powered ad platform.

OSSA is targeting small businesses that desperately need to attract new customers but currently don’t have the time, skills, or resources to do digital advertising.

The product is a one-stop-shop that enables these business owners to create and publish digital campaigns with ease.  It integrates OpenAI, Shutterstock and Figma to automate the process of creating campaigns.  It uses the social media platform APIs to enable media buying and reporting.  OSSA’s AI model can also think strategically to guide advertising content and media choices.                     

Explaining the motivation behind setting up OSSA, Fadi Khater, OSSA co-founder and founder of digital marketing agency, Netizency, said: “Millions of small businesses currently lack access to advertising agencies because these agencies operate manually, catering primarily to large clients with significant budgets. However, with the advent of new technologies capable of managing immense scale, it is now feasible for us to extend agency services to millions of smaller businesses.

“OSSA is engineered to democratise advertising through the integration of smart generative AI technology, automation, and advertising science. Our goal is to bolster the growth of small businesses amidst a highly competitive and challenging economic environment. Small enterprises, including restaurants, hairdressers, lawyers, florists, and accountants, are the cornerstone of our economy and everyday life. They deserve equitable access to digital advertising opportunities, on par with the fat cats of big business.”

The product is designed to be fast, affordable, and effective. OSSA creates ads instantly, making it 100x faster than agencies.  It costs between £25 and £2000, making it 90%** cheaper than freelancers, and its campaign performance is between 50% and 60% more effective per dollar spend versus platform benchmarks.

OSSA is already supporting a base of customers across a variety of sectors since its beta launch a few weeks ago.

Small business owner Johnnie Moore, founder of Johnnie Moore Consulting, said: “OSSA made it really simple to create ads that work for me, without the confusion of trying to use the ad managers at social media platforms.”

With prior C-suite roles at ad agencies Wunderman Thompson and BBH, Guy Murphy, Co-founder added: “Ignored by advertising agencies and often overwhelmed by the complex ad manager tools offered by social networks, small businesses have struggled to keep pace with digital advertising trends. However, the emergence of GenAI technology now offers them unparalleled access to advertising creation without requiring extensive technical expertise.

“OSSA has leveraged the potential of GenAI to develop a platform that boasts the most straightforward, jargon-free user interface. It is designed to autonomously generate effective advertisements that are strategically published across the appropriate channels.

“The cornerstone of OSSA’s success lies in its unique approach, which combines the academic understanding of advertising’s efficacy with the principles of behavioural psychology, all powered by the advanced capabilities of GenAI technology. We are thrilled to collaborate with UK small businesses on their journey towards growth”.

Commenting on the launch, Tamara Ingram, OBE and former Chair at Wunderman Thompson added: “OSSA is a brilliant hack of the ad agency model for small businesses.”

Michelle Henderson, COO at Tortoise Media concluded,“OSSA is a refreshingly simple approach that makes the complex world of digital advertising more accessible.  It’s exciting to see an advertising business with such a purpose.”

Nicolas Roux, global partners strategy & sales at LinkedIn (and OSSA board member), said: “OSSA is an amazing online self-serve platform for small businesses to run and scale ad campaigns seamlessly, from ad creation and media planning to campaign management and analytics. And most importantly for our audience, it is so easy to use!”

Fredrik Borestrom, SVP of IAA Global, added: “I’m very excited to see the launch of the Ossa platform given it addresses the SME segment of the advertising market.”

The OSSA platform is now live in beta and can be accessed via

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