How AI for data analytics is transforming agencies

In today’s marketing landscape, the ability to swiftly navigate through data and extract meaningful, actionable insights is more crucial than ever. Clients are expecting more and more data sophistication from their agencies as the pressure for data-driven marketing decisions increases. However, the journey from raw data to actionable strategies can be challenging with old methods: Manual analysis is time-consuming, error-prone, and not every marketer is skilled in advanced analysis.

At Akkio, we understand that data analytics can be overwhelming, especially when you’re juggling multiple campaigns and client expectations. Our platform is designed to simplify this process, enabling every member of your team to tap into the power of data analytics, regardless of their technical expertise. Imagine a world where insights are just a conversation away, and predictive modelling is as easy as a few clicks. That’s the reality we’re creating at Akkio.

Agencies use Akkio to…

  • Perform quick turnaround data analysis for clients
  • White-label client dashboards & create data stories
  • Identify audience segments with highest propensity to convert
  • Merge disparate datasets to understand correlations & unify cross-channel analytics
  • Predict performance and identify driving factors
  • And so many more team members can do jobs like these when Akkio puts data and AI at their fingertips.

Now, anyone on your team (and even clients!) have the power of AI and data at their fingertips.

See how Akkio’s AI data platform can revolutionise your agency’s approach to data analysis and campaign optimisation:

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