Contextual-driven campaigns on YouTube drive 28% more attention than industry benchmarks

Contextual-driven campaigns on YouTube drive 28% more attention than industry benchmarks Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

A newly-released study shows brand suitable and contextually-delivered advertising with Channel Factory delivers on average, 28% more attention than industry wide benchmarks according to leading attention measurement platform Playground xyz.

Channel Factory, which helps advertisers deliver brand suitable advertising in more contextually relevant places across YouTube, engaged with Playground xyz to deliver a comprehensive review of 76 campaigns across eight verticals. 

The analysis revealed that Channel Factory’s contextually targeted solutions outperformed industry benchmarks, generating nearly 70% more attention for skippable ads. Both non-skippable and skippable ad formats consistently demonstrated impressive performance, exceeding benchmarks 97% and 95% of the time, respectively.

The study compared 110 different executions in terms of targeting, creative, ad type and duration, AIP found that Channel Factory curated activity delivers above benchmark more than 80% of the time. The data also revealed that Channel Factory’s tech delivers 28% more attention than the industry norm, on average more than one second of extra attention per placement.

Playground xyz is now an attention partner of Channel Factory in 6 markets across the APAC region and the United Kingdom. Through this new partnership, APAC and UK based advertisers using Channel Factory can measure and report Attention Time through Playground xyz’s Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP).

Rob Blake, MD of the UK at Channel Factory, said: “Ensuring you deliver campaigns to the right audience, at the right time, alongside the right content is essential in holding viewers attention. These results prove this statement beyond a shadow of a doubt.

With higher levels of attention driving conversion further down the customer journey, this study reveals the direct relationship between brand suitability, contextual advertising and increased user engagement.

Throughout the course of this study, our resolution to check our own work, just as we do with partnered publishers, has been reaffirmed. This partnership has allowed us to clearly evaluate and demonstrate the power of contextually relevant and brand suitable campaigns in improving attention metrics.”

Channel Factory delivers contextual advertising based on the content, rather than individual profile data due to multiple factors that dilute the impact of profile data including shared devices or accounts. The increase to attention through the ViewIQ platform also goes to demonstrate that content is king once again. 

Rob Hall, CEO of Playground XYZ, said: “Attention metrics give brands the key to understanding how their campaigns are resonating with customers. Our partnership with Channel Factory gives advertisers the ability to understand their YouTube campaigns on a deeper level and drive ROI. In today’s world where consumer attention is fleeting, the brand suitability technology that Channel Factory deploys helps drive greater ad relevance, which in turn drives higher attention”


  • Playground XYZ’s Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP) reviewed 76 Channel Factory campaigns for Attention Time, AIP’s metric which evaluates ads for the length of time in seconds that an ad is actually looked at. 
  • AIP is trained and verified by real eye-tracking data from an opt-in panel and adds advanced AI models to measure attention at scale. AIP’s YouTube attention measurement capability applies it to live YouTube campaigns, analysing each individual DV360/CM360 record to accurately score Attention Time across the campaign.

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