Teradata teams up with ActionIQ for marketing and customer experience offering

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Teradata teams up with ActionIQ for marketing and customer experience offering Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Teradata and ActionIQ have created a new joint-offering for marketing and customer experience (CX) activations for Teradata VantageCloud customers.

This new offering, which includes integration with VantageCloud and ActionIQ, is now complete and ready for customers. The collaboration highlights Teradata’s open and connected ecosystem, which includes a strong partnership with ActionIQ to leverage the companies’ collective expertise in advertising and marketing technology for CX.

Together, the two companies aim to democratize access to customer data across the enterprise while providing technical teams with enhanced control. By combining the harmonised data approach and advanced analytics of Teradata VantageCloud with the full capability of ActionIQ’s modern customer experience apps, businesses can gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers, foster more meaningful engagements, and deliver superior experiences.

Lisa Stewart, senior VP, Worldwide Partners and Alliances at Teradata, said: “The partnership between Teradata and ActionIQ is a win for customers interested in enhancing their customer experience and driving profitable growth.

“With ActionIQ’s expertise in advertising and marketing technology for CX, combined with Teradata’s complete cloud analytics and data platform, businesses can unlock the full potential of their customer data, enhance agility, accelerate time-to-value, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

Tasso Argyros, ActionIQ CEO and founder, said: “Teradata’s unmatched legacy in data analytics and ActionIQ’s marketer-friendly CDP (customer data platform) position us to redefine customer experiences.

“Our shared vision is to empower businesses, enabling faster innovation, better decisions, and genuine customer connections.”

With Teradata VantageCloud, the complete cloud analytics and data platform, and ActionIQ, businesses can unlock faster innovation, better decision-making, and enhanced customer experiences, particularly for AI and ML. ActionIQ’s unique composable architecture offers easy-to-use, self-service data access to marketers while pushing queries into VantageCloud for the best of both worlds in terms of performance, enterprise scale and security.

This allows business teams to gain direct, but controlled, access to data, enabling self-serve use cases through seamless and scalable integrations with owned and paid channels. IT and data teams will benefit from zero data latency, scalable governance, and worry-free integrations, freeing up resources previously spent on managing ever-changing requirements. This partnership is designed to future-proof acquisition marketing strategies, increases loyalty, and improves retention for business teams.

ActionIQ will offer a range of solutions to Teradata VantageCloud customers:

  • ActionIQ Audience Center is an audience segmentation tool enabling effective management of audience data for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized customer interactions.
  • Real-Time CX allows for real-time access to customer profiles and behavior for personalized customer experiences.
  • IdentityPlus provides comprehensive identity resolution capabilities that deliver deeper insights into customer identities and behaviors, resulting in personalized experiences and improved targeting.
  • Journey Orchestration offers a drag-and-drop canvas for building multi-step, multi-channel customer journeys. As a result of this new partnership, all of these applications can now map directly to Teradata VantageCloud.

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