Braze unveils additions to its AI capabilities to enhance customer engagement 

Braze unveils additions to its AI capabilities to enhance customer engagement  Duncan is an award-winning researcher, with 20 years experience of analysing the technology industry, specialising in cloud computing, edge computing, blockchain, cybersecurity and marketing technology.

Braze, the comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers interactions between consumers and the brands they love, today announced updates to its existing artificial intelligence capabilities, now collectively named Sage AI by Braze.

In its next evolution, Sage AI by Braze consists of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities that are deeply integrated into the Braze platform, data flows and execution stack to power better, faster and more effective outcomes from engagement across the user journey. 

Kevin Wang, chief product officer for Braze, said: “Launching Sage AI by Braze represents a significant leap forward in empowering marketers to  unlock their creative potential, and drive better outcomes faster.

“Technology innovation has been in our DNA from the earliest days, and Braze has built AI capabilities for our customers for almost a decade. By automating complex tasks and providing powerful predictive capabilities, our advanced AI capabilities  enable marketers to focus on the strategic aspects of their roles and deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

Sage AI by Braze is uniquely positioned to help marketers achieve better business outcomes with:

  • Comprehensive cross-channel data flows that power extensive first-party inputs into AI decisioning while unlocking optimisation and personalisation across many channels.
  • Real-time ingestion and execution of customer behavior, preference, and attribute data that powers AI to make faster, more accurate decisions.
  • Easily accessible and flexible experimentation that opens up more opportunities for AI optimisation and personalisation at every step of the customers journey.

Now more than ever, marketers are under immense pressure to deliver strong business results quickly with limited resources, while still building meaningful relationships with customers at scale. According to IDC, by 2026, 45% of the Global 2000 companies will leverage AI/ML to elevate context and nudge customers into unfamiliar and novel experiences that simultaneously improve sentiment metrics and brand upselling potential.*

The Sage AI by Braze launch includes:

  • Intelligent insights to drive hyper-personalised experiences: As consumers increasingly expect personalised experiences from brands, Braze has launched a beta version of AI Recommendation engine that uses ML to match relevant items from Braze Catalogs with the customers most likely to buy them. This feature can create hyper-personalised experiences with the potential to increase revenue and boost brand loyalty.
  • Automation generative AI features to increase efficiency and creativity: Braze is unveiling an AI Content QA tool that leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology to check messages for tone, structure, grammar, and appropriate language before sending. Braze also plans to add generative AI into its Query Builder and SQL Segment Extension tools, which aims to empower teams to easily transform natural language prompts into powerful reports and audience segments.  
  • Flexible experimentation tools to optimise customer journeys: Braze is bringing more optimisation and automation directly into Canvas Flow, its no-code journey orchestration tool, with the Winning Path feature. Winning Path allows Braze users to run experiments throughout a customer journey and use ML statistical models to automatically send customers down the paths with the best performance. In addition to Winning Path, Braze plans to introduce a Personalised Path feature that will use predictive modeling to recommend the best path for each individual user, based on their attributes, preferences and behaviors. Braze is also planning an A/B Test Prediction feature that is intended to employ predictive analytics to forecast the best campaign strategy and optimise campaigns in record time.  

These features will complement robust existing AI/ML capabilities in Braze, which includes predictive identification and targeting of customers most likely to churn, make purchases, and perform other events. Braze customers currently leverage Intelligent Timing, Selection, and Channel to help optimise message send time, channel selection, and conversions, and generative AI capabilities rapidly generate campaign copy and images.

Raffaella Accogli, global CRM manager, Activation at TheFork, said: “I felt like I always used the same words, the same expressions, the same concept. With the copywriting assistant, I can find a way to talk about the same concept using different words. And, it provides inspiration to develop new approaches.”

Gerry Murray, research director at IDC, said: “AI, and specifically generative AI, is the competitive edge that is poised to transform the future day-to-day lives of marketers everywhere.

“Increased optimisation and creativity are just the tip of the iceberg – AI’s potential for marketers goes much deeper. Advancing AI capabilities should be on every customer engagement vendor’s radar as marketers continue to seek more efficient and productive ways to evolve and strengthen the way they connect with their consumers.”

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