Cloudinary App for Shopify automates media optimisation to boost conversions

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Cloudinary App for Shopify automates media optimisation to boost conversions
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Cloudinary, the media experience cloud company that powers digital experiences for brands, has launched a new integration for leading multichannel e-commerce platform Shopify.

The new integration brings Cloudinary’s intelligent media optimisation and editing capabilities directly to Shopify merchants. With Cloudinary, merchants can reduce image weight by up to 50% and compress video files by up to 80%* – efficiencies that ensure faster load speeds and a better user experience, all leading to improved customer engagement and increased sales.

Shopify allows merchants to build and customise an online store and sell across multiple channels – and supports merchants with tools to help them scale efficiently as their business grows. Given the increasingly critical role visual media plays in driving e-commerce revenues, and the complexities inherent in managing and delivering these experiences, the new Cloudinary integration represents a significant advantage for Shopify merchants.

“We know that delivering a fast and flawless digital experience is crucial for any business selling online,” said Gary Ballabio, VP Technology Partnerships at Cloudinary. “In today’s visual economy, visual media plays an increasingly important role in a seller’s ability to connect and engage with customers – and can make or break the experience if not managed and delivered in the most optimal way possible. With Cloudinary, Shopify merchants can automatically create better user experiences for their customers without the heavy lifting that otherwise comes with managing visuals at the scale required to compete.”

The Cloudinary integration provides Shopify merchants with:

  • Seamless media workflows that bring experiences to market fast: Create once and publish media across customer touchpoints and stores. No extra copies or uploads required, plus easy editing and republishing with intelligent automation.
  • Greater video compression: Intelligent, automatic video compression can ensure quick playback, seamless seeking, and no buffering.
  • Extensive image editing capabilities: The app delivers an array of capabilities that augment Shopify’s toolset with automations for resizing, cropping, and transcoding, using content-aware AI to fit any design or layout.
  • Smaller image files and faster delivery: Intelligent, automatic image optimisation delivers the smallest file sizes at the highest quality based on browser, device, and geographic location.
  • Support for modern file types: Ensured support for emerging image formats including AVIF, video codecs including VP9 and HEVC, and video formats such as WebM.
  • No-code, customisable product galleries: Save time and take control of the look, feel, and performance of no-code product galleries that automatically optimise images, thumbnails, and videos to accelerate page load speeds.
  • Automatic Responsiveness: Remove the burden from developers by relying on automatic responsiveness based on screen resolution.
  • A single source of truth for all product media: One-click upload of all product images, videos and metadata into Cloudinary creates one unified repository for all commerce media.

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