Brightcove helps take Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to a global audience

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Brightcove helps take Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to a global audience Duncan is an award-winning researcher, with 20 years experience of analysing the technology industry, specialising in cloud computing, edge computing, blockchain, cybersecurity and marketing technology.

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) has chosen Brightcove to help power its new digital platform, MSO.LIVE. and cast its 2021 season in Australia and around the world.

MSO.LIVE offers 24-hour entertainment on-demand, live and pre-recorded, delivering accessible and premium content as an alternative to traditional, in-person orchestral experiences. The MSO.LIVE experience is accessible, offering MSO concerts, family programming, and special events and performances from around the world.

A key driver for implementing Brightcove’s online video platform is to make performance experiences easily accessible and affordable to a wider audience, including those who are unable to attend in-person concerts.

Sophie Galaise, MD of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, said: “Brightcove’s technology delivers a polished interface with exceptional quality of video and audio across multiple devices, to ensure we can deliver easily accessible, world-class digital experiences to all audiences.”

The MSO’s main focus is to optimise its content delivery experience to retain existing orchestral music fans and attract new audiences from around the world to the MSO.LIVE platform. New performances are released monthly, and MSO.LIVE members are able to view content across devices and connected TVs.

Using Brightcove, MSO.LIVE demonstrates innovation within the Australian arts community by offering a contemporary content library personalised to audience preferences. 

Galaise added: “Among other criteria, we selected Brightcove as their local team of experts had the capabilities to integrate customer data with our CRM system.”

MSO.LIVE offers a range of traditional and contemporary content from both the MSO and other world-class orchestras from around the world, such as the Berliner Philharmoniker and Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Jennifer Smith, CMO, Brightcove, said: “Our partnership with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra demonstrates the power that video provides to the entertainment and music industry.

“Brands in the Arts and Entertainment sector are embracing the hybrid model to allow them to grow their audiences to engage both in-person and online viewers. 2020 drove the urgency to pivot to new digital video experiences, and businesses are now embracing this as a long-term growth strategy. MSO.LIVE takes the orchestral experience to the next level and cements the MSO as a leader when it comes to the future of live performances.”

Since 2004, Brightcove has been helping customers discover and experience the incredible power of video through its award-winning technology, empowering organisations in more than 70 countries across the globe to touch audiences in bold and innovative ways.

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