How to monetise your training content using LMS

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How to monetise your training content using LMS Costa is the head of PPC at The Elearning Industry Network. With experience from everything ranging from product development and sales to training and PPC, Costa helps eLearning businesses reach their full lead gen potential. When he isn’t helping clients succeed, Costa likes to expand his marketing horizons with the help of eLearning courses.

When we think about training content, our focus is on investing in the employee’s future. 

You are determined to create content on your online learning management system (LMS) in order to learn and grow as an individual and professional. Eventually, it improves the efficiency, performance and longevity of your team members in the workplace. You can monetise the training content and diversify considerable returns on the initial investment. But, if you’re not sure how it’s done, let’s explore what you need to do in order to monetise your training content using the online learning management system.

Why consider monetising training content? 

There are an ample number of reasons to monetise your training content, including:

  • To improve ROI: One of the reasons content creators consider monetising their courses is to get ROI improved. Of course, you will get a return on investment in terms of better performance by employees and loyalty. Still, trading course content offers a more tangible and immediate return, which can be later invested in the company. 
  • Widen your offerings: Your brand may already be thought of as an authority among the industry’s niche. In such cases, trading course content allows you to widen your offerings.
  • Brand building: Building your brand is an important reason to consider monetising training content, even if you do not strive to become an educational authority in the industry. Branded training content can support you in establishing your organisation as a leader and a trend-setter.

Consideration before monetising!

While there are various reasons to monetise the training content using LMS, many companies face challenges in the process. At times, this is amid falling short in contemplating an element needed for success. Consider the following before making any move:

  1. Learning Management System: The most critical thought here is your LMS. It is highly recommended to go for an online LMS or cloud-based LMS because of its remote and easy accessibility. The wrong approach will hamper your power to monetise training content. Your LMS must provide e-commerce facilities and content authoring tools that are incorporated into the platform. This leads to a simplified distribution process. 
  1. Create worthy content: Is your content worth it? Tally your LMS reports to check the worthiness of the training content you created. If you have a second thought about the content’s quality, best to vet it thoroughly.
  1. Who is your target audience?: As basic as it sounds, it is an essential step in the whole process. Identifying your audience allows you to connect directly to your ability to monetise the training content. There is a value in giving focused content and covering courses with a broad audience, but you will need to identify the size of the audience you are willing to cast from the outset. 
  1. Update it: The lifecycle of content is not long; it gets stale over time. It could be the tone and style that change with time, or the content being too rigid or formal. It could be that your content is outdated in terms of technology. Update the training content before selling it, with the updated tone, style, technology, practices and topics discussed in the range. Using an online learning management system allows you to do it automatically and manually with endless editing features it offers. 
  1. Building a catalogue: To monetise your content, you will need to make the potential audience aware of its existence. You should know that anything LMS has is invisible to those who don’t have login credentials. Even Google can’t access it. It is vital to create a catalogue before hosting it on the website to give your offerings the audience knowledge.


Monetising training content is a great way to get a good return on investment, building the brand, establishing authority and achieving critical goals. However, you will find it way more challenging, without the right LMS, than it should be. The online LMS offers e-commerce features, training content authoring tools and support devices to expand your selling and quick monetisation capabilities.


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