How Cortech Developments improved customer journeys by taking its CRM to the cloud

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How Cortech Developments improved customer journeys by taking its CRM to the cloud Duncan is an award-winning researcher, with 20 years experience of analysing the technology industry, specialising in cloud computing, edge computing, blockchain, cybersecurity and marketing technology.

Established in 1992, Cortech Developments is a privately owned, premier provider of software integration solutions for smarter building, fire, and security systems.

The company offers software development and management systems across the globe, working with building owners, consultants, integrators, and manufacturers to maximise safety and efficiency.

The problem:

Cortech Developments has been integrating systems for nearly 25 years and is well-versed in the changes brought on by the complex world of asset management. Striving to be the best-in-class provider that prides itself in a ‘customer-first’ attitude, the company has been helping organisations reduce operational costs and mitigate risk through its comprehensive software suite Datalog 5.

However, using an old onsite version of SugarCRM was slowing down internal processes, such as reporting, order processing, and partner performance evaluation. The teams were burdened with admin tasks and busy work, manual processes were not automated, and

collaboration between departments was hindered by the legacy software. As well as recognising that these inefficiencies were driving productivity down, the company needed to reinvent its business model, generate more profit and respond to market changes, so it was time to review and optimise the software.

Through updating legacy technology and creating more robust capabilities, Cortech aimed to deliver even more value to its partner ecosystem, optimise performance, and enhance the employee experience.

The solution:

The CRM transformation integrated each stage of the sales process in a single platform, making it possible for Cortech to fully automate its business cycle. As a result, the company has gained a stronger understanding of the customer experience and has been able to update internal processes to maintain consistency throughout the customer journey.

The transformation has also positively impacted the employee experience as Jenny Connell, Sales Coordinator at Cortech explains, “We are now creating better ways to work because we are designing operations around our new technology capabilities.”

“Productivity gains were the main drive, and once staff could also see these gains it reinforced the reasons for the upgrade. Staff can see the time they are saving and added benefit, which is why they are so on board with the changes. Great teamwork is fundamental to create great results.”

Migrating to SugarCloud has introduced a robust, reliable, secure, compliant and scalable platform that is fully managed and maintained. Operating in over 30 countries, Cortech can now seamlessly deliver its software to clients across various sectors. The platform benefits from additional features only available in the cloud. Each quarter these features are added to by means of automatic updates guaranteeing the software is always on the latest version. Having SugarCloud managing the backend means Cortech is able to invest more into its business.

Challenges involved with implementation:

Cortech Developments operates a bespoke module in managing customer tickets and therefore requires a highly customisable software solution that helps improve customer response in terms of technical support and operations process. Working with local implementation partner redk, CRM “Transformation” experts who help brands become digitally mature and customer centric, the company chose to implement Sugar Sell to meet its high demands.

The adoption of Sugar Sell and transitioning the existing CRM to the SugarCloud gave Cortech a fully digital business cycle with the ability to group customer data on one platform. Prior to the transition, the company had several systems in place with information dispersed across departments. Data was stored in separate spreadsheets and databases, rendering it impossible to draw correlations and make informed business decisions.

Optimising new account processes and client management functionality allows the company to be more efficient, automated, and capable of collecting useful data and customer information to create a high-definition customer experience.

With each quote, Cortech can easily create strategic objectives for the client’s individual project needs. As the company is part of the software solution sector, automation is a key step toward customer success.

The result:

Looking ahead, Cortech wants to build on the improved client experience and grow its understanding of how the journey changes with each customer.

Alongside the cloud transition, the company is aiming for integration amongst other platforms, such as the operations team, exploring how they can better support customers and become more efficient.

Cortech is also looking to have quotations fully automated within CRM, letting the platform do the work to drive a quicker turnaround and create a smoother experience for employees and customers alike.

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