#DMWF Virtual 2020: eShow Preview

The #DMWF Virtual exhibitor ‘stands’ are ready for #DMWF Virtual 2020 on 16-17 September! All registered attendees will have the opportunity to network and learn from our community of Sponsors and Exhibitors. Our tech leaders will be sharing exclusive content whitepapers, ebooks and guides plus showcasing live demos throughout the event! Ahead of #DMWF Virtual we wanted to share the eShow preview as a teaser of what to expect from the virtual marketing expo!


Adverity – The intelligent marketing analytics platform specialized in enabling data-driven marketing teams to make better decisions and improve performance, faster and easier

Are you struggling to prove that ever-elusive marketing ROI? Do you know which of your campaigns are successful, and where to correctly allocate budget spend in real-time? By automating data integration from hundreds of sources, our vendor-agnostic platform delivers a single view of marketing performance and ROI. With the help of powerful data visualizations, Adverity speeds up decision making and uncovers real-time opportunities. Enabling marketing teams to identify trends independently and proactively, without the need for data science expertise. Come and visit Adverity’s virtual booth to find out how we empower data-driven marketing teams worldwide to become true engines of growth.

Brandwatch – Our digital consumer intelligence products bring structure and meaning to the voices of billions of people so you can make decisions that truly fit with consumer and buyer needs

It is easy to access data but what makes companies more empowering is the ability to pick the nuances of data and bring an understanding of your objectives to a deeper level. At Brandwatch, we help you understand your consumers better by finding out their changing attitudes and thought processes, and how that prompt them to behave differently over time. Learn how prompted surveys provide you with the immediate answers you need to know and how it allows you to adopt a more proactive approach especially during tough periods or crisis.

DOMO – Connect and empower your business with data

Proving ROI is a constant challenge, especially to demanding sales organisations. Too many marketers struggle to show exactly how their efforts are moving deals through the funnel. It’s challenging to access all of the data, from every platform and vendor, it’s unclear if the data is accurate, and it’s hard to focus on results when data sources are fragile and prevent timely reporting. It’s time to bring all of your people, marketing data, data from other departments and systems together and start showing how marketing impacts sales at every stage and you can maximise ROI. Learn how The Domo Business Cloud provides BI leverage at cloud scale, in record time.

NetBase Quid – Consumer and Market Intelligence

Faced with millions of consumer conversations every day, wasting time to sift through the noise to find relevant insights is not an option. NetBase Quid delivers best in class Social and News Media analytics to provide you with sharp, accurate, and relevant consumer insights. You can analyze news media and social media side by side for real-time consumer and market intelligence. Learn how listening to consumer conversations and understanding the narratives can help you understand what drives their emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. Learn how you can hear every customer, engage with them, and grow their loyalty.


dotdigital – Our omnichannel marketing platform makes it easy to create lasting relationships with your audience

At dotdigital we empower marketers to grow and scale their customer base. Our omnichannel marketing platform helps over 4,000 brands across B2B and B2C with powerful features like automation, email creation, segmentation and RFM. We have over 20 years’ experience in how to engage end customers; our combined heritage and experience puts our customers in good hands. Our freedom to innovate means we always looking ahead for new and effective ways to help you acquire, convert, and retain your customers. We’re here for you when you need a helping hand too. Our professional services team work hard to understand our customers’ needs and deliver on projects that will help them grow marketing ROI.

Frontify – Build Powerful Brand Experiences

Frontify is the all-in-one brand management platform enriching brands with consistency and clarity – cloud-based efficiency for businesses of all sizes. Visit our booth and learn how companies like Lufthansa and Facebook have strengthened their brands, and empowered their people (internal and external) to create, manage, and collaborate with consistency, efficiency, and ease. Bridging gaps between teams, speeding up time to market for campaigns, and reduced redundancies lead to big benefits seen across digital marketing, design, brand departments, and more. We’ve even gone so far as to calculate ROI on Frontify for companies, showing the impact of what a centralized brand home can do for a brand and business at the bottom line – because we know the numbers matter. So reach out for a private demo, or take Frontify for a totally free test run, and see how your company could save $700k per year with our platform. Still wondering if your brand needs a home? Talk to an expert on our Frontify crew to learn more.

Khoros – Digital care, online communities, & social media software for big businesses

What are the key trends impacting brands in 2020? Which digital channels should you be leveraging to handle your customer care? And how are brands boosting their revenue and brand value? Swing by Khoros’ virtual booth to discover all this and much more!

OneTrust PreferenceChoice™ – Consent & Preference Software

OneTrust PreferenceChoice™ enables marketers to collect, manage and signal consent and preferences across systems and ecosystems. With our toolset built to operationalize trust, we help marketers balance user experience, transparency, personalization and first-party data collection with privacy, security, and compliance across 100s of global privacy regulations. Stop by our virtual booth to chat with our marketing experts, download assets including videos and case studies, and discuss your strategies for building trust with your audience.

YouScan – Use the power of social media to make informed decisions

With 3.8 billion users worldwide, social media became an invaluable source of actionable insights for marketers worldwide. At YouScan, we help companies improve by listening to their customers online using AI-powered technologies. Learn how social media intelligence software allows you to continuously get product feedback, analyze your target audience, measure your campaigns’ effectiveness, find the right influencers, get ideas for your next marketing campaigns, and so much more.


EditMate – User-Generated Video Marketing Software and Service

With the rise of mobile video and the inconvenience of social distancing, user-generated video marketing has never been hotter. For brands, it’s become a fast, cost-effective way to stay engaged with their customers, keep connected with their employees, and activate new audiences. In this presentation by Rachel King, the CEO EditMate, you’ll learn exactly what user-generated video is, why it’s so powerful, and see examples of her client’s real UGV campaigns from a range of industries. You’ll take away actionable tips, useful resources, and a detailed guide on how to get started with a UGV marketing campaign.

Falcon.io – The Platform for Every Kind of Social Media Marketer

Cross-channel social media management can be a challenging task. How do you ensure your brand stays relevant and competitive in a world ruled by countless choices? At Falcon.io we help you explore the full potential of digital marketing by managing multiple customer touchpoints from one unique platform, that way you can meet your customers where they are, and in a seamless manner. Join us and learn how to support your core business and create growth via digital strategies and solutions.

Talkwalker – From intelligence to impact

Talkwalker delivers social insights that help brands grow. In a world full of conversations, the most successful global brands have switched to Talkwalker to gain powerful social and consumer insights from internal and external data. We enable data-driven decision making across all aspects of your brand, armed with the insights to protect, measure, and promote your brand.


Dragonfly.ai – Emulates the output of eye tracking studies instantly!

Want to predict instantly what percentage of your audience will see your digital content in any channel? Validated by MIT to 89% of human response, Dragonfly AI disrupts how marketeers and creatives measure content predictively instead of reactively to improve brand and campaign performance and engagement. Don’t just rely on reactive analytics to tell you what you missed…. Example use cases:
• GSK – Global Shopper Marketing Teams – FMCG packaging, ecommerce and on-shelf product performance
• HH Global – optimise creative content and win new business
• Southern Water – Increase customer satisfaction, experience and payment collections

Bring your content to our clinic for instant free analysis!

Sophola – Top Global Marketing Tech Importer in Japan

Are you looking for any automated paid media optimization for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube to achieve a better campaign performance and work reduction? If so, stop by our booth to witness our solution called “AdScale Enterprise”—dynamic budgeting AI and algorithmic bid optimization to dynamically allocate budgets and ensure ads will always be shown in the right place at the right time across multiple paid media platforms. Free account audit services and short product demos will be provided at our booth so that you can deepen your understanding of our solution!”

Widen – Simplify how content gets to market with the Widen Collective®

Struggling with scattered content and version confusion? There’s a better way. We’ll help you guide content through creation, review, approval, and distribution. Pop by our booth to share your content challenges and we’ll walk through a personalized demo of the Widen Collective®. We’ll also have our DAM Evaluation Toolkit available to help you get started on your digital asset management (DAM) journey, along with examples from customers on how they use the Collective to support rapid growth and power a cohesive brand.

Verticurl – Delivering world-class MarTech services and demand gen with big results

Visit Verticurl’s virtual profile to watch video testimonials from our clients and hear our experts discuss topics such as “Creating a Customer-Centric Content Strategy” and “Creating Amazing Customer Experiences at Scale,” as well as download our latest e-book “The Complete Guide to Global Marketing Operations.” And just because we can’t meet in person doesn’t mean we still can’t chat. Schedule a virtual consultation with us to meet our team and discuss some of your greatest challenges. Whether it’s scaling globally, optimizing your MarTech stack, platform integrations, or building a better customer experience, we’re here to help.

The New York Marketing Association – Where global leaders are coming together to seek the core foundation of great marketing constantly

Good resources should be shared, and your voices should be heard. We believe in challenging and exploring because innovation is happening every day.

As the leading community located in the epicenter of the world, the New York Marketing Association (NYMA) attracts global innovators and thought leaders to foster meaningful dialogues where thought-provoking, collaborative discussions can take place about the core foundations of great marketing and fresh approaches embraced by the industries.

Additionally, we continue to connect professionals worldwide by creating a global community that embraces the diversity of both thought and culture. 

Will you join us?

Tickets to #DMWF Virtual on 16-17 September are free and available via the webste

What is #DMWF Virtual?

A dedicated 2-day virtual conference for the ambitious marketer seeking to explore the latest marketing trends & strategies and expand their knowledge.

Our worldwide community of senior marketing leaders will come together to share their thoughts and strategic advice and insights as we explore the future of digital marketing.

This fully online conference will be a mixture of on-demand and live sessions so you can join the worldwide marketing community from the comfort of your home office.

The agenda will focus on supporting marketers to tackle challenges that 2020 has presented, to inspire and share practical advice to help our community to plan, implement and execute new strategies to impact their campaigns for the future.

DMWF Virtual will be exclusively for the community of Senior Marketing Professionals.

This online event will be running on an application model to uphold the seniority of our #DMWF attendees.

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