Why social media is the fuel to boost your eCommerce business

Why social media is the fuel to boost your eCommerce business Wiebke works as a customer strategist and keynote speaker at Falcon.io. Together with her customers she builds social media strategies, connects social media goals to company goals, and defines the right KPIs to measure success. She truly believes that companies are missing out if they don’t build personal interactions and create a loyal community on social media. According to Wiebke, social media strikes the perfect balance between the creative space and the hardcore data analytics. In a nutshell, she can help you prove why social media is an essential part of every company’s marketing mix.

Sponsored Social media has proven itself to be a great way of generating brand awareness, customer loyalty and satisfaction, and increasing website traffic as means of reaching new customers. With an increasing number of users making their purchases online, social media has also become an important channel for eCommerce. According to Statista, 30% of users report having purchased something through social media. 

And that’s not all. 70% of consumers read reviews of products they intend to purchase on social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. 

What does this mean? 

Well, it means that social media – and social advertising – should be considered an integral part of your eCommerce strategy. Doing so does not only contribute to revenue increase, but it also helps your brand stay afloat in times of crises such as COVID-19. 

To give you an example, 87% of consumers in Germany and 69% in the UK reported to shop more online amidst the pandemic than in the months before. And this trend could be seen around the world, too. 

Why is social advertising relevant to your eCommerce strategy? 

  • Ever-changing algorithms take a toll on organic reach. Giving Facebook free rein to decide on your content distribution can be counterproductive. You can attain high engagement and reach, but you might not necessarily be reaching the right audience. With paid advertising, you and only you get to be the decision-maker. 
  • The social media landscape is competitive, and that can make it challenging to get the highest level of attention/visibility. For that reason, if you want to be seen, it is worth giving your social strategy a little boost 💰. That way you get to be present at the right time in your customer’s journey. 
  • Paid advertising makes your targeting razor-sharp, as it allows the use of multiple parameters, varying from people’s interests, to location and consumption patterns. 
  • You’re able to optimise your ads to your business objectives, thus scaling revenue and making every penny spent count. 

In short: While social media is known for its awareness ability, it is also a powerful driver of sales. For that reason, it is critical for businesses –and retailers in particular– to have a strong presence on social as it can play a crucial role in their sales funnel.  

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2 comments on “Why social media is the fuel to boost your eCommerce business

  1. Swati Patel on

    Hi Wiebke Leffers, nice description. With time social media platform has gain a strong value in marketing. specially for e-commerce. And agencies are looking at social media marketing as a tool to boost sales. the figures you have shared are enough to explain, that how social media platforms are playing a key role to drivee sales by paid advertising for e-commerce. And I am totally agree with what you said that ” It is critical for business to have a strong presence on social media. I will recommend this blog to my friends too. thank you.

  2. Serena Martin on

    Great information. I was quite confused about the relation between social media and the eCommerce business. But now it’s clear after reading your article. Thank you for your effort.it is going to be very helpful for everyone.


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