Want to become a growth leader? Insist on CX data, says Gartner

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Far more growing companies are using customer surveys to collect CX data than their more static competitors, according to a new report from analyst firm Gartner.

In its recent paper, titled ‘Growing Companies Are More Actively Collecting CX Data Than Nongrowth Companies’, Gartner said that companies that have witnessed a positive revenue growth collect more customer experience (CX) data compared to non-growth companies.

80% of growth organisations use customer surveys to collect CX data, as opposed to 58% of non-growth organisations.

Jessica Ekholm, research VP at Gartner, said: “There is a clear trend among growing companies to actively collect CX data using a wide variety of tools such as surveys, usability testing, focus groups and real-time analytics. This is what we call the outside-in approach — the idea that customer value creation, customer orientation and CX will drive long-term business success.”

According to the survey, customer surveys remain the most popular medium among both growth and non-growth organisations for collecting CX data. Though surveys can provide product managers with a baseline understanding of customer experiences and sentiment, they do have some limitations.

Ekholm added: “Despite their widespread use, customer surveys have some flaws that limit their ability to collect quality CX data. Recognising this, growth companies are beginning to use near- or real-time analytics, to complement or build upon the data collected from surveys.”

Last November, Gartner’s Brand Strategy and Innovation Survey 2019 report stated three major hurdles in marketing innovation: risk-aversion, limited talent, and an inability to measure impact. According to the report, the field of marketing still lags behind in terms of innovation despite commanding 16 per cent of marketing budgets and maturing as a core discipline.

Gartner also said that four in five marketers will ‘abandon’ personalisation efforts by the middle of the next decade. According to the market researcher, Charles Golvin, senior director analyst in Gartner for Marketers Practice, argued consumers had developed an ‘increasingly jaundiced eye’ towards personalisation. Users don’t want their brands’ marketing departments to be their friend, or indeed even pretend to be one.”

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