A guide to retargeting for increasing conversions: The three questions you need to ask

A guide to retargeting for increasing conversions: The three questions you need to ask Mansi Dhorda works at E2M Solutions Inc., a digital marketing agency. She is well-versed in all things Content Marketing and Branding. During her free time, she runs her Instagram page for handmade accessories.

In many cases, a bit of retargeting is needed to align your marketing goals with your business goals and draw in the right customers.

By retargeting, you can drive people to your website with specific content that is more in-tune with consumer trends. A strong retargeting strategy is excellent for turning window shoppers into buyers and increasing conversion rates.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about retargeting, as well as a few reasons to invest ASAP.

Are you garnering the right kind of traffic?

Retargeting helps you personalise your ads and messages so that you can get better click-through rates and marketing ROI. Therefore, if your current marketing efforts are predominantly engaging with spammers, bots, or uninterested users (resulting in high bounce rates), it’s time to look into retargeting.

First things first: tools like Finteza will help you analyse your traffic on a granular level. With this insight, you can determine where exactly your traffic is coming from, how much of it is bad, and what you can do to better reach your target customers.

Then, when you begin your retargeting strategy, think about the audience you truly want and need to reach. A modern marketing strategy is only as good as the traffic it can gather, so you need to know upfront just who you’re trying to reach.

Can you narrow down your audience more?

If your brand is just starting out, you might have a fairly wide audience. Maybe you’re targeting all people in their 20s or any mother with small children.

However, as you begin to find your niche and succeed, you’ll find that your target audience will grow smaller, or at least more defined.

Within a few months – or years – of business, you’ll learn who can best benefit from your products and services and who has the most interest in your brand, as well as what type of content they are most receptive to. That’s where retargeting can really work wonders.

By strategically using retargeted content to reach a very specific audience (like women who have just graduated from college in their early 20s or moms who have children between the ages of one and three), you’ll find that you are drawing in much more focused traffic. Ideally, this equates to more conversions.

As a matter of fact, retargeted ads typically yield a 76 percent higher click-through rate than regular display ads. This comes from their ability to reach the right people at the right time without wasting energy on consumers who don’t fall within your targeted demographics.

When learning to target new demographics, or at least more specific subgroups, you might want to alter your ad designs as well. Tools like BannerSnack and Promo can help you whip up new ads fairly quickly, which means you can start attracting more engaged, specific audiences without spending a ton of money or wasting time.

Are people seeing your messages enough?

One big benefit of retargeting is that the content will help to make your key audience members see your messages multiple times. Once they’ve visited your website, they’ll start to see ads for your products and services everywhere, from Facebook to Instagram.

Research indicates that audiences need to see a message at least seven times before they take action -and actually complete a purchase. Retargeting makes sure that your advertisements appear naturally and frequently to users in their everyday life, encouraging them to give your brand a second (or seventh) thought.

In conclusion

Did you know that the average person in today’s world is exposed to 5,000 ads per day? That means people can’t just see your digital marketing efforts – they need to connect with them multiple times in order to remember the product and your brand.

That’s where retargeting comes in. If you want to attract a niche audience, show them your messages multiple times, and truly increase your conversion rates, you need to aim for more targeted marketing.

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