Webinar: How to engage your customer at the right time in the right way

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Sponsored True personalised marketing, across channels, devices and verticals, has long been one of the key differentiators between the best and the rest in digital marketing. More than ever, it’s vital to get a 360 degree view of your customer.

In a perfect world, brands are able to give an ideal customer experience. The contact centre collates information on preferences and buying history – across any touchpoint – which can then be fed into CRMs and systems to predict customer behaviour and give personalised recommendations which get the balance just right between interest and intrusion.

Of course, however, it is not a perfect world. How do you identify customers’ interests and pain points? How do you make sure each step on the journey creates the right impact? Most importantly – how do you make sense of the data deluge which if left unattended could cause a crisis in marketing departments across the globe?

Redesigning your interactions and touchpoints along this journey to ensure each one is impactful will set successful brands ahead of the competition. So what does the future of customer engagement look like? And what does this mean for your brand’s strategy?

Our friends at Incite Group are putting together an exclusive free webinar on February 6 at 1400 GMT which focuses on ‘right place, right time’ customer engagement. (Find out more and register here). Key executives at large brands, including Bastien Schupp, VP global brand strategy and marketing communications at Renault, Najlaa Taqi-Eddin, chief marketing officer at Cashplus, Bart Visser, director of brand marketing at Spark Networks, and Sophie Clarke, director of social media at Radisson Hotel Group, will discuss the critical issues when mapping the customer journey.

Schupp told Marketing Week back in August his primary role when joining the car manufacturer was to ‘clarify the brand and what Renault stands for’, adding a note of caution around certain technological innovations, including virtual reality (VR). This is truer than ever; it’s not a technology-centric but a people-centric approach, using the right technology, that will help bolster engagement.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • How to identify your customers’ interests and pain points to build a 360 degree customer journey view
  • Delivering highly personalised and engaging content at moments that matter
  • Redesign your customer interaction touchpoints along their journey to ensure you have the biggest impact with the right message

Register your place today!

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