Adobe reveals Magento integrations following acquistion this year

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Less than six months after acquiring for $1.7bn, Adobe has announced the first integration of Magento, outlining ambitions to “make every experience shoppable”.  

The announcement was made at Magento Live Europe in Barcelona, where Adobe’s senior VP of commerce, Mark Lavelle (formerly Magento CEO), explained the goal behind the cloud-to-cloud integrations: “Consumers expect every interaction with a brand to be contextual, intuitive and meaningful, but companies have struggled to consistently deliver personalised experiences across the myriad of touchpoints.

“The innovations we are bringing to market enable companies of all sizes and across industries to make every experience shoppable,” he said.

What’s meant by that slightly abstract sentiment is that Adobe’s customers now have full access to Magento’s vast swathe of services all the way to a conversion. That includes capabilities in advertising, content personalisation, analytics and now e-commerce, which are all available through Adobe Experience Cloud.

Putting that into practice, a marketer using the Magento Commerce Cloud could utilise Adobe Target to direct personalised offers to a given customer. If they wanted to add a cart promotion, they can access Adobe’s Experience Manager content management system in Marketing Cloud to access Magento. Customers can also use predictive analytics to identify buying patterns and predict future purchase behaviour, enabling the detection of potential challenges such as special shipping requirements or inventory shortages, to optimise conversions.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Adobe’s SVP of strategic marketing, Aseem Chandra, said the company’s aim has always been delivering the best possible experience, wherever customers are interacting with a brand: “If you think about the way that customers interact today, every experience is valuable and important,” he said. “[…] It’s no longer just about the product, it’s more about the experience that we deliver around that product that really counts.”

Adobe says it handles more than 233tn customer transactions a year. The integrations mean that the platform is able to offer marketers running them a seamless experience, with much less reliance on third parties.

On the developments, Lavelle added: “It’s about winning the customer journey, which is now an inherently digitally-driven event these days.

“Digital transformation is an imperative of our age that every brand and every business has to be serious about […] execution is critical every step of the way, especially at that moment where the customer wants to buy.”

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