Can your employees recite your organisation’s vision and values?

You would expect that of all the members of a company’s workforce, marketing employees would be the best bet to give strangers a word-perfect recitation of its vision and values.

Well, according to a survey of 2,000 UK employees by Rungway, this assumption could be wrong. 52% of the marketing professionals surveyed could not recite their company’s vision and 49% could not list its values.

39% reported that they would have liked to have more involvement in the production of their employers vision and values. The reason for this is likely to be an overreliance on corporate jargon, or that the vision does not accurately reflect what working at the company is actually like.

This is not a particular feature of marketing professionals, with healthcare workers and property workers also scoring badly. IT service workers and banking workers were the best at reciting their company’s vision and values.

Demographic differences

In a breakdown of the survey demographics, men were more likely to want to participate in th writing the company’s guiding principles, with only 32% of the women surveyed feeling that they should contribute more.

There is also an age distinction between those that feel connected to a company’s vision and values. Those aged 25 - 34 were the mostly likely to be able to recite them, while older workers aged 55- 64 were the least likely.

“Company visions and values need to represent an organisation's purpose and inspire employees to contribute to that mission, so it’s worrying that so many employees don't know what these are,”  said Julie Chakraverty, founder of Rungway.

“The research also shows more workers want to be more involved in contributing to vision and values, so companies need to work harder to engage their people in the process and think creatively to encourage everyone to find their voice. Boards are really focusing on employer branding, and in the fight for talent, companies must collaborate with their people to create compelling narratives that motivate the talent they have to stay on-side. Unengaged employees will walk away if nothing changes.”

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