Capgemini: Voice assistants to revolutionise commerce in the next three years

User spending through the use of voice assistants could grow by as much as six times in the next three years, according to research by Capgemini.

The data from the consulting company’s Digital Transformation Institute indicates that consumers are increasingly developing a preference for interacting with companies through voice assistants. The company surveyed over 5,000 consumers in the US, UK, France and Germany, and found that 24% would rather use a voice assistant than visit the company website. Capgemini estimates that this will rise to 40%.

31% said that they would prefer a voice assistant interaction to actually physically visiting a shop or bank branch.

Currently, voice assistant users are spending around 3% of their total consumer expenditure through their devices. The research estimates that this will increase to 18% over the next three years. This will eat into the share currently spent in stores (45%) and websites (37%).  

Streaming music and asking for information are currently the most popular usages for voice assistants. While 28% of current users have used their assistants to make a payment or send money, 44% of respondents have expressed interest in taking care of bank transfers and credit card payments through the device.

High levels of satisfaction

The research also showed consumers who already use voice assistants are very positive about the device. 71% reported being very satisfied with their voice assistant. 52% cited convenience as the primary benefit, with the ability to do things hands-free (48%) and automation of routine tasks (41%) following close behind.

“Voice assistants will completely revolutionize how brands and consumers interact with each other,” Mark Taylor, Chief Experience Officer, Digital Customer Experience practice, at Capgemini said.

“What makes voice assistants so exciting is that they are woven into the fabric of our lives, offering a simplicity and richness of interaction that consumers have never experienced before. Brands that are able to capitalize on the huge consumer appetite around voice assistants will not only build closer relationships with their customers, but create significant growth opportunities for themselves.”

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