Taipei’s Appier launches AI-driven content marketing platform

A Taipei-headquartered artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider called Appier - which serves brands including Nivea, Carrefour, Audi and Japan’s Softbank - has launched an automated content marketing platform aimed at delivering personalised messages across multiple channels.

Dubbed AIQUA, and following the recent acquisition of Indian content marketing startup for an undisclosed fee, the platform will be available to marketers across the APAC (Asia Pacific) region allowing them to preemptively understand and segment their audiences and engage them with AI-based messages.

Backed by eMarketer research from early this year that found nine in 10 senior marketers in the US believe personalisation to be a key point of improvement for customer retention, the company said in a blog post: “organisations seldom know anything about the behavior or preferences of their audiences outside of their own app or website.

“In fact, when it comes to first-time visitors, marketers usually don’t know anything at all - even after investing valuable advertising budget into acquiring them in the first place”.

According to the update, organisations using AIQUA can use AI models to understand the behaviour and interests of their audiences outside of their owned channels, combining this information with their customer data, and personalising their comms accordingly via web and app push notifications , email, SMS and messaging platforms.

“During our interactions with our many clients around the region, it became clear to us that there's immense room for improvement when it comes to engagement and personalisation,” said Chih-Han Yu, Appier’s CEO and founder. “We're excited to introduce a solution that addresses these gaps by drawing on the power of AI.”

In addition, customers of AIQUA can tap into Appier’s strength in cross-device mapping to target the channel and screen most likely to hit their targeting audience at a point in time.

Founded in 2012, Appier has raised over $82m (£63m) in total funding to date, claiming a huge presence in APAC, where it works with over 1,000 global brands across offices in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia Vietnam, Thailand and India, among others.

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