Case study: Personalised messaging helps reassure consumers making their first ‘adult’ purchase

Case study: Personalised messaging helps reassure consumers making their first ‘adult’ purchase
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Despite the relative anonymity of the internet and ecommerce transactions, some people can still be a little uncertain when it comes to making certain more, ahem, risqué purchases.

The adult retail industry (think lingerie and adult gifts) has some fairly unique challenges when it comes to new customer acquisition. The main factor at work here is first time buyers being worried about whether or not the purchase is ‘normal’ and whether they should be embarrassed or ashamed about it.

Lovehoney, one of the UK’s most popular adult online retailers recently partnered with Monetate to use personalisation to tackle this issue. By using the Monetate platform and its Session Stream API, it was possible to create a live data feed of the popularity of the products that customers were looking at.

Social proof

Customers are now provided with personalised messaging such as “357 visitors have viewed this product in the last 24 hours”, providing them with social proof that they are in fact that same as a large number of their peers.

Lovehoney have seen order conversion rates for new visitors increase by 7.37% since implementing the messages. Customer segments saw a 4% rise as well.

Lovehoney thinks that the partnership has enhanced their ability to engage new customers, drive sales and improve completed order conversion rates, all of which means higher revenues.

“We strive to provide world-class service to our prospects and customers in every way, across all channels,” said Matthew Curry, Head of Ecommerce at Lovehoney.

“By using powerful data, insights and personalised experiences, we were able to give existing customers and new visitors the confidence to make their purchases.”

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