Spotify: 61% of UK adults regularly listen to podcasts

Spotify: 61% of UK adults regularly listen to podcasts
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Music streaming service Spotify has revealed that the UK is increasingly becoming a nation of podcast listeners.

Still a relatively novel form of content five years ago, the sheer number and varied scope of the podcasts available to consumers have turned many into converts.

According to Spotify’s research, 61% of UK adults now regularly listen to at least one podcast, with 21% listening once a week.   

The figures also confirm that this love of podcasts is a recent phenomenon. 68% of respondents said that they were more likely to listen to a podcast today than three years ago. This reinforces recent Ofcom research that found that 42% of podcast listeners are tuning in more frequently than before.

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Increasingly popular

The most popular reason people gave for listening to podcasts is entertainment, with 50% listing this as the primary reason. 38% listen in order to gain more knowledge about certain subjects or learn about entirely new subjects.

11% (of which this writer has also sometimes been known to do) confessed to using podcasts to distract themselves from work or exercise.

The most popular podcast category is comedy/entertainment which are listened to by 49% of those surveyed. 25% listen to music-based podcasts while 18% listen to crime podcasts.

37% listen to their podcasts at home while 30% use them to make their commutes more interesting. 12% listen while working out in the gym.

“Podcasts are rapidly increasing in popularity, both with our users, and as a growing category as a whole,” Spotify’s Head of Podcasts, EMEA, James Cator.

“Our research not only shows that a significant number of people in the UK are listening to podcasts on a regular basis but that there’s been a substantial increase in the popularity of podcasts in the last three years. Spotify users have been asking us for more podcast content on the service.” 

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