Open-source header bidding solution launched, an independent organisation dedicated to developing and promoting open-source header bidding solutions, has been launched by AppNexus and Rubicon Project.

The organisation wants to promote unbiased and efficient solution for monetisation that allow for fair competition within the digital advertising ecosystem.  

Open to all parties, Prebid requires all partners to become signatories to a code of conduct that dictates bidding wrapper mechanics, data and transparency, and user experience. The organisations founders wanted to cement the idea that fair market competition leads to improved performance and user experience into the foundations of its operations.

Header bidding allows publishers to work with programmatic vendors in a more efficient way. The organisation claims that open-source solutions allow for improved monetisation due to the fact that they are updated on a continuous basis by a range of different parties.

The community currently has 81 demand partners adapters, 5 analytics providers and 191 contributing individuals. It is hoped that the collaborative nature of the organisation will promote transparency and accountability, but also allow the organisation’s solutions to adapt reflexively to market and publisher needs.

‘self-correcting for the benefit of the community’

“A fragmented header bidding landscape poses a great risk to the industry,” said Michael Richardson, Product Line Manager, AppNexus and Chairman of “Rather than independently competing, duplicating efforts, and wasting resources, we can push for fair competition and better results as a team. The collaboration around by industry partners has been incredible, showing it to be the pragmatic path forward.”

Danny Khatib, co-founder of Granite Media and former COO of Livingly, said: 

“I am super excited about – an independent, community-supported organization will bring meaningful support and innovation to the Prebid solutions, which in turn contribute to the long-term viability of publishers within the advertising ecosystem. As a publisher, my ability to participate and advocate in the Prebid community gives me confidence in to continue to develop the most effective and transparent solutions for our business.”

“Development in open-source projects is self-correcting for the benefit of the community as opposed to benefiting any one party, as we all should be up front and helpful in addressing our industry’s challenges to move forward,” said Evan Simeone, SVP of Product Management at PubMatic.

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