AppNexus leads ‘people-based’ programmatic consortium – with Facebook and Google in sights

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AppNexus, alongside LiveRamp and MediaMath, have announced the launch of a technology industry consortium which will enable programmatic advertising buyers and sellers to create relevant campaigns and improve customer experience – with two companies at the forefront of their attack.

“Today, 48% of all digital advertising dollars accrue to just two companies – Facebook and Google,” said Brian O’Kelley, CEO of AppNexus in a statement. “That dynamic has placed considerable strain on the open internet companies that generate great journalism, film, music, social networking, and information.

“This consortium enables precision advertising comparable to that of Google and Facebook, and does so in a privacy-conscious manner,” O’Kelley added. “That means better outcomes for marketers, greater monetisation for publishers, and more engaging content for consumers.”

Since the current bidding process in programmatic channels depends upon proprietary identifiers such as cookies, it often cannot translate consumer identity across buyers and sellers, or across devices, the release notes. Adding identity resolution to programmatic advertising will help marketers in delivering more-relevant content and enhancing the consumer experience.

An identity framework built from pairing an encrypted version of an omnichannel, people-based identifier and a common, open cookie, residing on a shared, open domain will be accessed by consortium members. Each consortium member will strictly adhere to an agreement requiring best practices concerning privacy and security, including compliance with digital advertising industry self-regulatory code and applicable laws.

The consortium will solve problems like the lack of a common, omnichannel, people-based identifier that created significant challenges for marketers, including the inability to coordinate campaigns across platforms, lack of interoperability with the mobile web, and siloing across channels. The consortium will offer the following benefits to advertisers:

  • Enabling people-based marketing to the buyers and sellers of programmatic advertising across devices, formats, and platforms. Targeting at the level of individuals and managing impression frequency and cadence, the advertisers can increase ROI and improve customer experiences.
  • Inclusion of mobile, addressable TV, Internet of Things (IoT), Out of Home (OOH), email, and emerging channels for targeted programmatic advertising.
  • Increasing monetisation for publishers through increased addressability of their audiences, including ability to offer people-based marketing in “cookieless environments.”

Other companies joining the consortium include Index Exchange, LiveIntent, OpenX, and Rocket Fuel.

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