Consumers spend 19% more time watching video ads

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There has been an increase in consumer response to video advertising in the last year, according to Extreme Reach.

The cloud technology company, that specialises in TV and video ad workflow, has analysed video ad serving metrics from Q2 2016 to Q2 2017.

The analysis found that:

–          the average time viewers spent watching video ads has increased by 19% from last year

–          there has been a 20% overall increase in viewability

–          there has also been a 20% increase in completion rates, with premium publishers seeing a 36% increase

what explains the rise?

Do this figure lead us to the conclusion that advertisers are putting out better content and that consumers are more willing to indulge them then they previously were?

These are certainly factors according to Extreme Reach, but the company highlights a number of other technical aspects that could be contributing:

Click-through rates

The research shows that media aggregators have seen a 54% increase in their click-through rates> These aggregators tend to run the majority of their impressions on desktop.

On the other hand, premium publishers, who run more impressions on mobile, tablet or connected TV formats have seen a 37% decrease in their click-through rates.  

The rise of mobile

There has been a jump in usage of small video players (less than 400×300 pixels), which are most popular for mobile impressions.


According to Extreme Reach, the amount of ‘general invalid traffic’ (which includes traffic identified through routine and list-based means of filtration like bots, spiders non-browser agent headers and pre-fetch or browse pre-rendered traffic) is down by 33% since Q2 2016

In-banner ads

Video in-banner ads declined by 17% during 2016-2017.

“Through our most recent Quarterly Benchmarks Report, we’ve noticed trends that attest to the ever-changing face of video advertising,” said Dascha Bright, SVP of Account Management at Extreme Reach.

“As the Ad Cloud and workflow platform of choice for thousands of brand advertisers and agencies across the country, we have a birdseye view into video ad placements and consumer response, which are shaping the way ads are deployed.”


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