How Charlotte Tilbury listened to customer feedback to transform customer service

How Charlotte Tilbury listened to customer feedback to transform customer service
Having previously enjoyed a high profile role in Sports Sponsorship working with organisations such as Nottingham Forest FC and Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, Matt embarked upon a whole new venture, co-founding Feefo March 2010. Feefo is a global reviews and customer analytics solution to boost business & build trust. Feefo collects reliable customer feedback to deliver up to date insights so businesses and consumers can make better decisions. Feefo does this on behalf of 3000 companies, providing reviews and customer analytics for more than 5000 websites.


“Beauty is not an exclusive club—there are no unattractive women, just some that don’t know they can be beautiful. They don’t understand the power of makeup and how it can transform their outer beauty, but also their inner confidence.” Charlotte Tilbury for Byrdie.

Charlotte Tilbury aims to make “every woman the most beautiful version of themselves” and her luxurious products reflect this message. Not only that, the eponymous brand now prides itself on providing a dutiful and diligent customer service.

Charlotte Tilbury competes against the big retailers within the beauty market, including the likes of Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, and as such needs to set itself apart. The brand has been able to do this by providing superior customer service. It has primarily achieved this by inviting its customers to leave feedback, via the global reviews & ratings company, Feefo, and listening and responding to what they have to say. Charlotte Tilbury has collected over 7,500 pieces of customer feedback and boasts an impressive customer service rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Harnessing the voice of the customer

To achieve and maintain such an industry-leading level of customer service, Charlotte Tilbury needed to not just capture customer feedback, but also respond and make changes.  To do this, the retailer’s marketing team created a quarterly ‘Voice of the Customer’ report that it shares, and continues to share, across the whole of the business. A huge proportion of this report is informed by Feefo customer reviews, and from this report, a list of actions is set for each department going forward.

Every attribute is taken into consideration, including the overall impression of the product and its formula, pricing, and even operations and logistics. As such, the opinions of Charlotte Tilbury’s customers have the power to influence the entire business.

Importantly, the customer service team at Charlotte Tilbury responds directly to all customer feedback, and most notably takes on board any negative comments they receive. Under this mantra, the company needed to be sure that all feedback was real and authentic. It was this reason that Charlotte Tilbury selected third party reviews provider, Feefo, which an un-moderated invite-only platform so only customers that transact with the company are invited to leave feedback, and all feedback is published (good and bad). This provides the assurance that every review is genuine and uncensored, and therefore credible.

Use of reviews in marketing campaigns

Charlotte Tilbury is available globally and is currently retailed through six country specific websites. It is essential that the brand can hear individual feedback from each of these countries, so the use of international reviews is crucial to their business.

The use of international ratings and reviews also helped to construct marketing campaigns. For example, the US marketing strategy for the ‘Magic Foundation’ launch was conceived by listening to the reviews and feedback from the previous UK launch. The brand encouraged user-generated content and imagery to be submitted through to the #tagyourtilbury content feed, and used this in conjunction with Feefo product reviews in the main campaign.

Customers trust Charlotte Tilbury

Recent research, conducted by Feefo, revealed that UK consumers are 75% more likely to make a purchase based on good reviews, over recommendations by parents, friends and celebrity endorsements. It is therefore evident that people are more trusting and eager to get recommendations from real consumers who have first-hand experience, and genuine reviews provide a reliable way to gauge the quality and value of a product, as well as customer service.

Charlotte Tilbury uses an invite-only reviews platform that only invites genuine customers to leave feedback after making a purchase. Potential customers can therefore see for themselves how Charlotte Tilbury’s products and service has made a lasting impression on others, without doubting the review’s integrity.

Google Stars

The ability for the reviews to gain Google Stars for Charlotte Tilbury also instils a sense of trust within the customer. 85% of UK consumers say that they ‘always’ check reviews online before making a purchase, making it evident that Google stars are hugely valuable to a relationship with the consumer.

These Google stars in AdWords can also increase click-through rate by an average of 17%. Through collecting ratings and reviews through a verified Google Licensed Content Partner such as Feefo, businesses are able to increase the effectiveness of their online advertising and conversion rates.

Reviews now the driving force behind achieving and maintaining great customer service

The influence of customer reviews cannot be ignored. For Charlotte Tilbury, harnessing the power of its customer feedback has been a key driving force behind curating and upholding excellent customer service, and now helps inform the strategic business.

The product reviews inform the product development team; the pricing reviews inform the merchandising team, and the service report informs the operations and logistics team. Together, they help Charlotte Tilbury deliver the best possible product offering and customer service.

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