WEATHERfx puts weather data into marketing decision making

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The Weather Company has announced an innovative collaboration with LiveRamp to allow marketers to integrate real-time weather data into their omnichannel campaigns.

For those marketers who are concerned with engaging people with relevant and timely experiences, the effect that weather has on consumer behaviour is often over-looked.

“Weather conditions impact a vast number of consumer decisions,” said Luke McGuiness, LiveRamp’s head of data partnerships.

“The Weather Company has one of the most robust sets of highly precise and accurate weather data, and the ability to the extract insights from season and real-time data will be nearly boundless.”

The WEATHERfx platform looks to leverage real-time consumer insights derived from location, weather and other data sources. Marketers can then use this data to make sure that they are ready to get their brand in front of people at the right moments.

Event-based data

WEATHERfx works by matching ‘event-based’ datasets to ‘audience-based’ data in real-time.

This is designed to allow marketers to ‘create better campaign outcomes and an expanded usage of different datasets across the media ecosystem.’

The event based data can be used as a decision layer in marketing campaigns. This means that environmental conditions, severe weather and other weather information are fed into their decision making process.

Jeremy Hlavacek, vice president of global automated monetization of The Weather Company said:

“We believe in the power of combining data and technology to help solve marketing challenges. Throughout the years, we’ve seen the buying community successfully leverage our valuable sets of first-party location data and weather data to engage consumers and deliver relevant messaging at precisely the right moments.

“We’ve also seen this data successfully applied in many ways – from a QSR driving an increase in foot traffic because they learned that coffee sales spike when there is lower humidity in Atlanta to an automotive brand seeing a spike in social engagement for a campaign dedicated to touting superior driving performance in winter conditions.” 

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