Video streaming leads to data usage rise as Android overtakes Windows

Research by giffgaff has shown that an increase in mobile video streaming is driving a projected 720% rise in global data usage by 2021.

This will see the average individual use 5.07 GB a month by 2021, up from the current 1.72 GB.

Mobile video streaming will see the biggest increase, with giffgaff predicting a rise from 0.58 GB a month to 2.85 GB in 2021.

This is proof that the way consumers are digesting content on their mobile phones is undergoing a drastic shift.

 Other figures from the study:

  • web browsing is projected to rise from 0.29 GB a month in 2016 to 0.45 GB in 2021

  • audio streaming will rise from 0.07 GB to 0.20 GB

  • messaging will rise from 0.32 GB to 1.57 GB

“Our research showed many customers infrequently used their test and minute allowances,” giffgaff chief commercial officer Kim Faura said, “the demand now is for more data to up with mobile technology.”

The rest of the giffgaff study can be found here.

Android overtakes Windows

In other news, research by StatCounter shows that in March 2017, Android topped the worldwide operating system (OS) usage market share for the first time. Android narrowly beat Windows with 37.93% and 37.91% respectively.

“This is a milestone in technology history and the end of an era,” StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen said. “It marks the end of Microsoft’s leadership worldwide of the OS market which it has held since the 1980s.”

“It will difficult for Microsoft to make inroads in mobile but the next paradigm shift might give it the opportunity to regain dominance. That could be in augmented reality, AI, voice or Continium (a product that aims to replace a desktop and smartphone with a single Microsoft powered phone).” 

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