Sentient launches AI based conversion rate optimisation tool


Manual A/B testing could be becoming a thing of the past, thanks to new, emerging tech such as Sentient Technologies' AI based conversion rate optimisation solution. 

AI has been making its way into mainstream business for a while now, with popular tech such as IBM Watson shaking things up for the marketing world. 

But having artificial intelligence make things that speedier (100 times over current A/B and multivariate testing solutions, the company claims), is quite an everyday, practical application of the technology.

Sentient's offering is called Ascend, and with it marketers can test multiple ideas at the same time. Then, the AI determines which individual changes are helpful, as well as which combination of changes achieves the best results. 

The tech is able to do this by using a branch of artificial intelligence, evolutionary algorithms, that mimics biological evolution. This allows it to change, combine and mutate variables and maximise 'fitness' based on whatever metrics are most important to its user, whether it is leads, revenue or conversions.

In one example Sentient gives of a business using the platform, Classic Car Liquidators used Ascend to find the best design for its affiliate revenue program, testing copy, layout, format and image changes of multiple items. The total number of potential designs was 28,800. Ascend determined the best option in only three weeks, and 40,000 visitors, which reportedly lifted performance by 557%.

“We’re entering into an era of intelligent commerce, where companies need smarter solutions to increase conversations across the entire user journey, from first click to checkout,” said Andy Narayanan, vice president of intelligent commerce at Sentient.

“Sentient Ascend is testing as it should be - simple, fast and efficient with no need to call on data scientists to interpret results.”

What do you think of the AI based product?


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