LinkedIn launches conversion tracking for marketers

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LinkedIn has just launched conversion tracking for marketers to measure campaign successes and boost ROI across the platform.

The functionality is currently available for Sponsored Content and Text Ads. LinkedIn plans to open this up to other products in the coming months, including Sponsored inMail.

Conversion tracking is built into LinkedIn's Campaign Manager system, allowing marketers to measure specific results they’re getting from Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns on LinkedIn.

This new functionality includes the ability to:

  • Track website conversions, including cost-per-conversion, conversion rate and even which audience segments are driving the most conversions
  • Track conversions from desktop and mobile, and whether members converted after clicking on – or even after just viewing – an ad
  • Optimise campaigns in real-time, based on conversion data
  • Understand more about the specific ads and the unique LinkedIn target audiences that are driving campaign conversions with the most detailed B2B demographic conversion data available - including their seniority, industry, job function, and company size

The new tool will add to LinkedIn’s existing ad measurement capabilities and according to the platform is "a top-requested feature from customers looking for deeper insights into the ROI of their campaigns".

LinkedIn has recently piloted conversion tracking with over 200 advertisers around the world, and is also integrating its capabilities into campaign management platforms from AdStage and 4C - with more official partners to follow.

Henry Clifford-Jones, director of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, UK, DE and ES, said: “In today’s complex, digital world agencies and brands need the right, real time data to measure, track and plan campaigns in order to get the most of every penny they spend.

"Conversion tracking gives advertisers just that; a bigger, and more detailed picture of their campaigns across LinkedIn, providing them with the most complete and accurate B2B demographic conversion data in the world.”

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