Pinterest adds new targeting functionality to its ads


Pinterest is one of those social platforms that's maybe seen by some marketers as slightly on the peripherals, but its new targeting functionality will certainly perk up even the most doubtful of ears. 

It's got quite an engaged userbase, and figures Pinterest is quoting include over half using the platform to find and shop for products. Indeed, they added, 87% of Pinners have bought something after finding a product they liked on the site. 

As such, it's rolled out the ability to target users based on engagement son Pinterest - as well as a few other features. This bolsters targeting functionality it added in June, whereby businesses can target ads using their own data. 

With its expanded engagement retargeting, brands can now use Pinterest to target those who have shown an interest in your brand by interacting with pins in various ways. 

Pinterest added that when a user engages with a pin, they're demonstrating intent to spend in the future - which, for products at least - may ring true. 

87% of Pinners have bought something after finding a product they liked on the platform. When someone engages with a pin, they are demonstrating intent to spend in the future and they are 2.2 x more likely to buy within the next 30 days than those who don’t engage.

Pinterest's also added the ability to create audiences from your website with something called Pinterest tag. It identifies nine events, including signups, add to cart and purchase, and means you can be more creative with your targeting. 

The final new tool is 'actalike' audiences, renamed from 'lookalike' audiences, which finds and targets others like your most valuable customers.

Marketers can use the new features from within Pinterest's ad manager and they are rolling out across all marketing developer partners soon. In the next few weeks, it’ll also update visitor retargeting to support new events.

Do you use Pinterest in your marketing? How and why - and what do you think of the new features? Get in touch.

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