44% of US general population get their news via Facebook

44% of the US population are now getting their news via Facebook, new research says.

The Pew Research Centre, which focuses on journalism and media, is updating research it carried out in 2013.

After analysing a survey of over 4,600 people via nine different social media platforms including Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, YouTube and Snapchat, it found 62% of US adults now get their news via social media.

Its report says that as Facebook reaches 67% of all US adults, the two thirds of users who get their news there amounts to 44% of the general American population.

The majority of people in the US read their news on just the one social media site which, the survey said, appears to be mainly Facebook - and a quarter get their news from two sites.

Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit users are more likely to seek news out online; while there’s a higher chance that Facebook, Instagram and YouTube users will come across it by chance, the research said.

But social media’s not the only way consumers get their news fix. When measured across the five biggest sites, news reportedly still comes from a variety of sources for users, including TV.

In addition, half of those who use Twitter and LinkedIn are also likely to get news from websites and apps. Interestingly, Snapchat’s been added to the research this year, and the center has removed Google Plus, MySpace and Pinterest.

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