Marketers continue to miss out on email revenue opportunities


Nearly 40% of senior marketers are missing out on the revenue opportunities of transactional emails – despite the open rates for automated responsive emails being nearly 25% higher than normal marketing emails, with average open rates of 40% compared to 15% for standard marketing emails.

The research, from email provider Mailjet, showed that 38% of senior marketers aren’t generating revenue from automated emails whilst an additional 20% didn’t know if such emails were generating any revenue or not.

The disjoint can be largely explained by the traditional creation of such emails, according to Mailjet. It says these are traditionally created by the technical team with little influencing from the marketing and brand team or through the marketing team who then pass it to the tech team to be implemented – meaning that such emails often remain static for long periods of time.

To combat this Mailjet has launched a new feature within its Mailjet Passport, which allows marketing efforts and on-brand communication to be unified across all customer touch points. It allows email designers and marketers to work in the same template – enabling more flexibility and control over automated emails for marketers to improve the potential for such emails.

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