Why the digital marketing sector will survive Brexit

Daniel Reilly, co-founder at marketing analytics and call tracking solution provider Ruler Analytics takes a look at how the digital marketing sector will be affected post Brexit.

Here at Ruler Analytics, we were disappointed with the outcome of the referendum and saddened by the UK’s decision to leave the EU. As a business operating within an industry that transcends borders, we have felt the invaluable support that the international business community has lent to the growing digital marketing sector over the past few years.

Through our membership of the EU, we have forged important relationships of immeasurable worth with those working across the industry in other parts of the world. The fear is that by leaving this community, we may end up isolating ourselves and stunting the industry’s growth.

Not all bad news

It isn’t all doom and gloom though and there are glints of optimism that need to be realised.

Now is the time for digital marketing businesses to be bold

For instance, we are confident that, for the foreseeable future anyway, we will still be able to access talent and recruit skilled labour from abroad. This is made all the more important given the fact the UK is currently facing a digital skills gap.

We also don’t think a ‘Brexit’ will create job losses or shortages, as the digital marketing industry is continuously in a state of development and evolution.

Opportunities are constantly arising and it’s a good time to be in digital, regardless of the referendum outcome.

The digital marketing industry is a service-based financial economy and, in the UK at least, is driven by a great infrastructure of both high quality education and training.

Because of this, companies like ours in the UK are pioneering innovation and are at the forefront of digital, paving a distinctive path and leaving an indelible mark on a global industry.

Growth will carry on 

Despite the economic and political instability, as well as the social upheaval the Brexit may cause, we expect British digital companies to continue to grow and prosper for many years to come.

Now is the time for digital marketing businesses to be bold and seize any and all opportunities as and when they arise.

It may not have been the referendum outcome that we wanted - but those in the industry should still see this an opportunity to grow and expand their business.

Similar industry insight came from Meetrics' Anant Joshi last week, who wrote a piece for MarketTech on the day of the results about what the move means for the marketing industry.

But, do you agree? What do you think of Brexit and its implications for the marketing and advertising landscape? Comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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