That person sneezing in the office is most likely to be a marketer

That person sneezing in the office is most likely to be a marketer
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Have you ever gone into work whilst ill? New research suggests that the majority of marketers have, with 86% of marketing workers having gone into work with an infectious illness. Nearly two-thirds (64%) said that they would go into the office with a flu or throat infection even though the two conditions are some of the most easily spread.

The study showed that 86% also don’t feel comfortable taking time off work when ill, no matter how unwell they feel, according to the Digital Healthcare Review by

However, the study showed that for many the battling on regardless spirit has more to do with workplace culture than individual marketers being martyrs.

Under pressure

Almost 1 in 3 (29%) said that they felt under pressure to go into work when ill and 14% said that their boss would prefer them to be at work even if they had an infectious illness providing it wasn’t serious.

Staff themselves feel differently however with more than a third (36%) of marketing employees saying that they feel uncomfortable being around colleagues when they know they are ill.

“Work pressures can mean finding the time to see a doctor and get advice about whether sick leave is necessary can be difficult,” said Eren Ozagir, CEO at

“UK marketing firms must provide their staff with working cultures that encourage seeking medical advice and time off to recover,” he said.

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