How to take advantage of real-time targeting in digital campaigns


As social continues to take off, digital conversations are increasing in volume and gaining in momentum. Many brands and agencies consider this competitive environment as a key challenge to conducting effective and timely media activations.

It is not surprising that some are still reluctant to dip their toes into the water when it comes to real-time advertising.

However, brand advertisers are increasingly turning to marketing technology companies to make informed, data-backed decisions on how to navigate the fast-changing nature of real-time conversations.

These technologies are enabling and empowering brands to take control and be part of live conversations to get messages across to the right audience. Moments and trends are two real-time opportunities brands are taking advantage of to enhance digital campaigns.


From bloopers to shocking outbursts, heartwarming moments to times of great skill, ‘moments’ carry a huge amount of feeling and are often memorable. By using marketing technologies to tap into real-time data insights, marketers can identify what these moments are as they are taking place.

Online conversations shift quickly, and it’s time for advertisers to be part of that dialogue

The key to capturing the moment is timing. Having war room analysts and powerful marketing technologies in place to monitor online content engagement can take media activations and targeting to a new level.

Data insights can be used to help brands design creative and build narratives that are relevant and interesting to the audience at the specific time. It can also be used to enhance targeting to ensure the messages are communicated to ideal audience segments.

By activating relevant content and targeting active audiences when key moments take place, brands are able to be part of the conversation as they happen.


Trends are incredibly interesting data points to monitor and analyse because they reflect the momentum and velocity of content consumption and engagements over the web and on social.

Real-time data insights help brands see what topics are taking off and how audiences are feeling about them. The recent launch of Twitter’s emoji targeting is making it even easier for advertisers to engage in visualisation and sentiment analysis.

Advertisers have access to unique opportunities of engagement - it is now possible to be part of conversations as they happen. Creative executions can also be tailored accordingly to reflect greater relevance and deliver impact.

Sometimes a moment can spark and start a trend. The key here is having insight to what is happening and when.

An example of such a moment is from this year’s BAFTAs, when Rebel Wilson launched the audience into roaring laughter with her comedic timing and sharp pick-up lines directed at Idris Elba.

The audience reaction online was extremely positive and Amobee’s Brand Intelligence platform was able to identify and analyse this huge uptake in conversation to help EE, the main sponsors of the event, to be at the centre of one of the most talked about moments and fastest growing trending topics of the night.

In summary, engaging in real-time targeting and media activations does not need to be an intimidating exercise if advertisers use the right tools to empower them.

Having access to real-time data insight is absolutely key because this helps advertisers make informed decisions about unique activation opportunities, better targeting of the right audience and more relevant content.

Online conversations shift quickly, and it’s time for advertisers to not only catch-up with audiences but to be part of that dialogue.

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