So, marketers, what’s in store for the coming year?

So, marketers, what’s in store for the coming year?
Mark is VP EMEA for leading global marketing platform, Impact Radius. Since joining Impact Radius early 2015, he has been instrumental in making significant improvements to the business and revenue stream, as well as successfully overseeing the onboarding of the Forensiq EMEA team following the acquisition in June 2016.


The tools that underpin performance marketing are increasingly allowing brands to execute successful digital strategies which in turn provide meaningful and personalised experiences for consumers.

As a company sitting at the heart of the marketing industry, we expect to see several trends in 2017 that will impact how performance marketers do business and will provide brands with further ROI, with the ability to successfully react and respond to their marketing activity more effectively.

I’ve outlined the key trends below.


Video is taking content marketing by storm, and there’s no sign of it slowing down next year. 2017 will see greater use of video which will lead to higher engagement, brand recall, conversion and ROI.

It is possible that we’ll see brands starting to push content to support in-brand strategies and use complex formats (including video).

According to Cisco earlier this year, by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, and video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled.


Mobile is next in the battle for top spot in 2017. With most videos watched via mobile devices than from desktops, next year we predict that geo-based ads and services will be supported with mobile specific commerce.

This will lead to messaging through targeted interaction while end users are on the go. Furthermore, with the recent introduction of artificial intelligence in the form of digital assistants and messaging chatbots, the use of mobile will only deepen.

Data and Technology

Data and technology will see an increasing number of data sources becoming available. This will provide a better analysis of this data, enabling cross device measurement, both online and offline, leading to a single customer view.

We also predict that there will also be more market automation, programmatic, artificial intelligence and machine learning as the tech matures.


The appetite for programmatic has only increase year by year and, according to research by Zenith, programmatic advertising is set to grow by 31% in 2017. The ecosystem is more sophisticated than ever and next year it’s not set to be changing.

Programmatic continues to be fuelled by the high quality of media available – marketers will only invest further, resulting in increased ROI.


Alongside data and technology, it’s possible that we might see overall strategy business models to be reconfigured, leading to omni-channel, online/offline integration and a restructuring of the value chain.

It is crucial to have a unified dashboard that allows marketers to have sight of every single spend vs performance across a convergent mix of media. In this way, attribution can be more accurately managed.


There is an expectation that there will be something of a creative reckoning as publishers and advertisers all review their creativity and innovation to stem the increase of ad blockers, in 2017.

Brands should look to be more creative with content formatting to break through the noise. This, in turn, will see an improvement in creative innovation on both advertising creatives as well as publisher designs and execution.


Expect to see a spread of ad injectors and mobile hijacking highlighted by Forensiq’s study into mobile device hijacking which pointed out that mobile fraud is already on the rise.

Consumer mobile devices are a primary target as fraudsters are able to modify their application even after approval from an app store to maliciously serve ads. We also believe that in 2017 the true metric advertisers will start to use will be viewable human impressions, instead of optimizing against viewability alone.

Overall, 2017 will see marketers getting to grips with tools that enable them to make effective decisions for their business – part of this will be a unified dashboard to oversee the full breadth of on and offline marketing strategies.

The growth of mobile and video will continue but will be underpinned by a focus on mitigating fraud and effectively analysing incoming data. As with any new year, marketers will need to jump on board with the changes or risk getting left behind.

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