Mobile marketing spend set to rise in EMEA, says report


Mobile marketing budgets are set to increase across marketing departments in EMEA, according to a new report. 

The State of The Industry: Mobile Marketing in EMEA research carried out by advertising insights brand Warc, asked over 370 marketers and advertisers for their views on the format.

They found 91% of those they asked are planning for increased mobile budgets in the next 12 months, with 45% anticipating growth in excess of 25%.

But there are some elements concerning marketers, namely consumer privacy concerns (36%), inconsistent metrics (34%) and lack of skills (28%). These are perceived as barriers to growth, but some - lack of skills - can be easily overcome. 


Of course, there then arises the question of what kind of mobile marketing companies are looking to employ, and one unsurprising format comes out on top: video.

Almost two-thirds of respondents said they'd start doing mobile video in the next year and over half said they want to leverage location data. 

It's looking like an interesting landscape over the next few years, and 44% of marketers say they forsee mobile wallets to be adopted over the next five years. VR and AR are also big areas, with 41% of marketers seeing the future appeal in both forms of tech.

You can't talk about marketing these days without mentioning cross-channel strategy, and you certainly can't write about mobile marketing without alluding to social media platforms.

Marketers who answered the survey said they found Facebook (97%) useful when it comes to mobile marketing activities, followed by YouTube (75%), Instagram (70%) and Twitter (68%).

Warc's head of content David Tiltman said the survey findings show mobile marketing spend's set to grow - and video, along with location-based data, are two strong areas pushing it forward. 

"This underlines marketers’ eagerness to test emerging formats and technologies," he said.

Are you planning to ramp up your budget over the next year when it comes to mobile? Why/why not?

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10 Aug 2016, 7:52 a.m.

Interesting read, Various marketers and industry experts have been speaking about the future of marketing and upcoming trends in proximity based advertising campaigns. Future marketers have multiple devices to play with, a myriad of channels to work on and will evidently possess enormous amounts of data on consumer behavior and patterns. Its true that mobile marketing will help in getting new customers and targeting prospective customers. One such innovative mobile marketing trend which is catching up real quick is Beacon Technology.