Marketing Nuggets: Twitter's new ads, Instagram Stories and more

It's so hard to keep up with the social media giants, as they seem to be releasing a new piece of advertising or marketing functionality every week. This time around, it's Instagram and Twitter that have brought in something new for us to play with, including a new ad format. 

1. Twitter launches conversational ads 

Twitter ads up until now have been pretty standard. Advertisers may be able to target to their hearts content, but getting people to click and engage may be difficult for the unseasoned pro.

But it's now launched a new ad format that'll hopefully get consumers tweeting.

* * * 

2. Why Instagram's new Stories tool is good for marketers

Instagram's more or less implemented the very same feature as Snapchat (Stories), but we think there's some benefits for marketers to this. 

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3. Olympics rife with marketing opportunities 

Yes, yes, we know we're being a bit Captain Obvious here, but according to a new Adobe survey, many more people are staying at home this Olympics rather than going to Rio. So, there'll be a lot of scrolling, flicking and swiping done during ad breaks - plenty of opportunities to get your marketing groove on.

* * * 

4. Mobile ad experiences need improvement

A recent study has found that under half of consumers think mobile ad aren't targeted all that well. Oh dear. Therein lies an opportunity for advertisers to improve what they do, surely?

* * * 

5. We love: Adblockers are fat shaming the media industry

It's not just for the headline either, although it does pack a punch. This piece on the LEAN advertising principles by Vibrant Media is actually pretty informative for anyone interested in the adblocking industry.

Did we miss anything? What's your best bit of marketing news from the week? Comment below and we'll tweet it.

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