Mobile ad experiences really need to improve, study suggests

It's no secret that consumers are becoming more and more disconnected with badly targeted advertising, but a recent study has found that with mobile advertising in particular, under half consider it to be positive.

But there seems to be a disconnect, as almost all advertisers and mobile operators think they're delivering a positive experience.

The study of 100 mobile operators, 100 advertisers and 1,000 UK consumers by ad and content-funded mobile platform Unlockd delved into mobile advertising, its perceptions and what's working for consumers. 

Personalisation - if you don't know by now - is where the swee spot is, as nearly 40% of respondents said they felt ads were irrelevant to them. While this shows that many advertisers are just getting it wrong, there's an opportunity here too; if consumers want relevant ads, then they are receptive to the idea and there are ways and means to serve them. 

Other factors that annoyed customers when it came to adds were having them in an "irritating format" (39%) and simply having too many (40%). 

On the flipside, however, monetising user experience was a painpoint for mobile operators, a fifth of which said a lack of measurement and ROI are hampering the growth of mobile advertising.

And despite networks such as Three implementing mobile-wide adblocking solutions, there are others, like Tesco, which have partnered with solutions like Unlockd to offer incentives to those who don't block ads, such as content and money off their phone bills. 

The industry has no clear-set way of dealing with adblocking just yet, but yet two-fifths of operators told Unlockd they thought mobile advertising  would be a main revenue driver for them in the next five years.  

CEO of Unlockd Matt Berriman said the disconnect between consumer experience and the mobile ad industry meant there's an opportunity for advertisersto step up tot he mark, but all parties would need to operate in tandem.

“Operators, publishers and advertisers need to work together to ensure consumers are offered value in exchange for receiving ads. Whether that’s valuable content relevant to the individual, or value in terms of discounts, deals or offers," he added. 

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