Influencer marketing: Tips on creating your best content

Influencer marketing is on the rise, with a broad range of celebrities and personalities providing brands with opportunities for exposure to their followings on various digital platforms.

Influencers essentially become brand spokespeople, but in a natural and organic way that feels more like a normal social share or blog post and less like an in-your-face paid testimonial.

This is a key aspect of influencer marketing, as new data shows that consumers are just as willing to engage with sponsored content as non-sponsored content, if the content is created correctly.

Your content should give a sense that the influencer truly loves the product and is not just cashing a paycheck

Utilising the influencers’ natural talent to develop content that their followers are responsive to benefits both the influencer, who experiences creative freedom with compensation, and the brand, who then receives content that is developed through a voice that connects best with the target audience.

That being said, not all influencer-created content is excellent content, as there are certain visuals that are appealing to followers while others will deter them.

Consumers are smart enough to sniff out an ad or a sponsored post, but if the content is appealing they will engage with it at a substantial rate. As such, the following are three data-backed tips to consider for content creation with your next influencer marketing campaign.

Keep the text away from the rest

Text is great for conveying a message to accompany a visual; it provides an opportunity to share a clear, direct message to support the primary graphic. Too much of something is not always good thing however, as is the case with text accompanying photos.

Markerly recently conducted a study looking into the performance of sponsored Vs non-sponsored content on Instagram, and found that sponsored content posts which included text over the image received less engagement than those that included the text separately.

While there can be a number of reasons as to why fewer people engage with this type of content, one of the key reasons is that it can be visually overwhelming for readers and pulls focus away from the image.

If you want to include a written message, keep it clear, concise and separate from the image.

Try to be subtle or you’ll face a rebuttal

No one wants to feel like they’re looking at an ad where someone is trying to sell them something. When content looks and feels like a company’s sales pitch, it limits the overall value, hindering its ability to not only resonate but to drive consumers to purchase the brand’s product or service.

Creating a natural and seamless integration of the endorsed product into an influencer’s steady flow of generated content ensures the content does not look out of place, a key with getting followers to trust the influencers post.

Don’t just post a zoomed in photo of the product with a caption; use the product during everyday life and share out a visual.

Your content should be organic and native, and give a sense that the influencer truly loves the product and is not just cashing a paycheck.

Maintain quality in what they see

Technology is a wonderful thing that is constantly advancing, as we’ve seen in the development of both digital and cellular cameras. Let’s face it - we’re spoiled in the sense that so much of the content we view on the internet is created with high quality cameras and editing, creating a more visually appealing image or video.

While many influencers may have started with lower quality cameras, our increased exposure to high quality leaves us with a preference of greater quality content.

With this in mind, you should always make sure that influencers are using high quality editing and photography or videography tools in their content creation.

Utilising some sort of tripod for a steady shot helps too. Blurry, poorly cropped photos scream cheap quality, which can deter consumers.

The stigma that consumers don’t want to see sponsored posts in their social streams is definitely exaggerated, but influencers who continue to share out low quality content continue to set a bad precedent for everyone else. 

Sponsored posts shared by a trusted influencer will generate engagement, which will lead to greater brand affinity and increased sales – especially when the content is appealing and presented correctly. 

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1 Aug 2016, 10:25 p.m.

This all sounds really great, and most of what you mean in theory is appealing, especially the part about text is very clear. But in reality I feel like I need some EXAMPLES to look at or you can point to of both a positive and negative of your thesis here. The first paragraph is a summary I realize, but it makes no sense unless I read it slowly and carefully and a few times. I think that's because there are terms here that need help, for me at least. WHO would be an influencer that you're talking about for instance? NAME a brand that has done this. GIVE ME an example of an influencer and how they "naturally" integrated their work into a product line. That would be helpful.


3 Aug 2016, 5:49 p.m.

The imagery definitely adds more value to the brand being promoted which is why picking the right influencer with the same level of image quality is also another point you must consider before jumping into influencer campaigns.

Also, you must create IMPACT with the sponsored content but stay in the same voice the influencer's content has in order to maximize conversions. That's how you can get even greater results using influencer marketing.

PS: Nice, short article :)

Peterson Teixeira
Best regards